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So You Want To Be A Beta Tester For BuzzFeed?


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...but what is a Beta Tester??!

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A Beta Tester, for our purposes, is someone who uses the "beta" version of our app — an early access version which will be released to you (and only you guys!) while we continue to do some work under the hood.

Oh. What does a Beta Tester do?


The main responsibility is really simple — just use the app! The added responsibility is being vigilant about bugs or anything that seems "off" to you and letting us know when they occur so we can fix it! Beta versions will sometimes introduce new features that we are going to add to the app: your feedback and thoughts about these features will be very important to us, and may even impact what we ship to the ~world~!

Okay. What do I get from being a Beta Tester?

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You mean besides our heartfelt gratitude? You will get to play around with new features before anybody else sees them! Your continued correspondence can also help us come up with new features. You can look forward to gifs, excitement and the occasional SWAG giveaway!