17 Everyday Objects That Are Useless To Left-Handed People

    It's a righty's world, and we're just living in it.

    1. You can't wear watches! It's impossible to reach the buttons because they're on the WRONG SIDE.

    2. There's no use trying to use the cupholders in cars since they're on your RIGHT side and virtually inaccessible with your left hand.

    3. Forget about taking notes. It's impossible to write in spiral-bound notebooks.

    4. You never get the joy of seeing the graphics on mugs. They're just sad, blank, and a bit depressing.

    5. Highlighting is just a bunch of guesswork. You may be highlighting the phrase you want. Or maybe it's a jumble of words three lines above.

    6. There's no chance of using a ladle with a spout. It's on the wrong side, and you're pretty much destined to spill soup ~everywhere~.

    7. You actually can't eat food in cans. Can openers are totally backwards and work for you approximately 0% of the time.

    8. Cutting paper isn't even an option. Scissors are just pointless.

    9. You straight-up can't measure liquid. When the handle is on the *correct* side, only the metric lines show.

    10. Gym class was torture because there were never enough lefty gloves and righty ones are just worthless.

    11. Zippers are just barely usable, requiring you to try multiple times to use your incompetent right hand to close your jacket.

    12. All of the important keys on a controller are on the right side. So basically, they just want us to lose every time.

    13. You wear your belt differently than everyone else. And you really don't appreciate when people tell you it's upside-down. This is the right way to wear it, but thanks for the concern.

    14. You have to turn your ENTIRE body just to write while sitting at a desk.

    15. Playing cards? Nope, not for lefties. It's impossible to see the numbers on the top of the cards.

    16. Serrated knives and cake servers are worthless to you. The serrated edge is always on the wrong side.

    17. Pens and pencils? The ultimate enemy. They make your hand look like a piece of abstract art.