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    I Graded The Best (And Worst) TV Text Conversations From The Last Decade

    TTYL, giving all these shows a rewatch.

    Graphic of people texting

    1. The Bear (Season 1): Carmy and Sydney make up

    screenshots from season 1, episode 8 of The Bear, of a text, Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri texting

    2. Killing Eve (Season 2): Villanelle teases Eve

    image of text exchange in season 2 episode 6 of Killing Eve, "I Hope You Like Missionary!"

    3. And Just Like That... (Season 1): Carrie texts ghost Samantha after spreading Big's ashes

    screenshots from season 1 of "And Just Like That", featuring Sarah Jessica Parker texting

    4. Succession (Season 3): Roman sends his dad a dick pic

    screenshot of blurred phone screen, Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin from season 3 episode 8 "Chiantishire" of Succession

    5. Conversations with Friends: Nick sends Frances a Joanna Newsom song

    screenshot of text conversation with Nick and Frances in season 1 episode 8 of Conversations with Friends

    6. I May Destroy You: Arabella texts Biagio after being "stealthed" by Zain

    text conversation from I May Destroy You episode 4 "That Was Fun"

    7. Sex Education (Season 1): Everyone sees Ruby's vagina

    blurred screenshot of a vagina, with caption "13 Hours" taken from Sex Education season 1 episode 5

    8. Russian Doll (Season 1): Nadia texts her ex back

    screenshot of text message from season 1 episode 3 of Russian Doll

    9. Silicon Valley (Season 6): Monica texts Richard...or does she?

    Screenshot of text from season 6, episode 7 of Silicon Valley, "Exit Event"

    10. Veep (Season 6): Selina finds out Andrew's cheating on her via text-to-voice

    Julia Louis-Dreyus as Selina Meyer in season 6, episode 2 of Veep. subtitle: "I get so hot thinking of the president sitting in our love puddle."

    11. The Sex Lives of College Girls (Season 1): awkward Parent's Weekend dinner

    screenshot of group text from season 1 episode 6 of Sex Lives of College Girls, "Parents' Weekend"

    12. Broad City (Season 4): Abbi gets a text from her boss while on shrooms

    animated photo of Wanda Sykes coming out a cell phone in season 4 episode 4, Mushrooms of Broad City

    13. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 1): Rebecca accidentally texts Josh

    screenshot of text from season 1 episode 11 of Netflix's "Crazy Ex Girlfriend"

    14. Atlanta (Season 2): Al checks up on Darius at Teddy Perkins' house

    screenshot of text from Alfred in season 2 episode 6 of Atlanta, saying, "U dead yet?"

    15. Euphoria (Season 1): Nate catfishes Jules

    16. Ms. Marvel (Season 1): Kamala and Bruno text about AvengerCon

    17. The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 1): Conrad "booty-calls" Belly

    screenshot of text message from season 1 episode 6 of The Summer I Turned Pretty

    18. The Baby-Sitters Club (Season 1): Stacey warns the gang about the Baby-Sitters Agency

    Shay Rudolph as Stacy in season 1 episode 3 of The Babysitters' Club on Netflix, back view, holding small child's hand

    19. I Love That for You (Season 1): Jackie struggles with autocorrect

    screenshot of text message Molly Shannon is typing in season 1 episode 6 of "I Love That For You"

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