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    39 Pairs Of Plus-Size Underwear You Won't Ever Want To Take Off

    It's time to let your buttcheeks know bliss.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    All sizes are women's sizes unless otherwise specified.

    1. A high-leg panty that feel like your comfiest cotton staple but look like a fancy piece of art thanks to the unique print.

    2. A pack of lace boy shorts that's a fave among reviewers who want a cheeky mix of lingerie-adjacent undies and actually comfy underwear that fits like a dream.

    3. A silky Parade mesh thong that will somehow make it feel like you're wearing nothing at all, despite the fact that there's a piece of fabric wedged between your cheeks.

    4. A multipack of full-coverage undies you'll want to give a promotion and a raise for all the good work they do day in and day out, doing the job like no other panties can.

    5. A Supima cotton bikini made of a super soft fabric blend designed to soothe and swaddle your behind in a way that makes you forget you're wearing any undies at all — the way it should be. Plus, you can get select colors for less than $3 a pair.

    6. A MeUndies cheeky brief available in over 70 enthralling designs (including seasonal ones!) for the adventurous undie warrior who can't bear to have a plain pair clothing their bum.

    7. A pair of period underwear that come in cute, vibrant prints and don't feel bulky, making you tempted to swap out every pair of panties in your closet for these, regardless of the day.

    8. A Fruit of the Loom 10-pack for some classic, no-frills, tag-free pairs you can fill up your underwear drawer with on those days when you just need to grab one and run out the door.

    reviewer photo of white, pink, red, and patterned underwear laid out

    9. A seamless thong reviewers are raving about for holding your nether regions tight while simultaneously being comfortable, stylish, and truly invisible under pants.

    10. A pack of mid-waisted briefs destined to become your desert-island undies — that is, the ones you'll want to be wearing on your person until the end of days.

    11. A black cotton brief from Torrid you'll practically live in for the dual purposes of looking like a supermodel and wanting to feel the nice stretchy material on your butt.

    12. A lace high brief with vintage detailing and an adorable charm on the front, but thankfully without the itchiness that comes with other lace underwear.

    13. A pack of cotton underwear that do it all: They're breathable, moisture wicking, high-waisted, comfy, and hold you in like a tight hug from a friend.

    14. A seamless hipster panty that will melt into your booty like butter, or a second skin on top of your skin that you won't even feel because it's just so soft.

    15. A pair of performance briefs built to survive through even the busiest, sweatiest of days: They're anti-odor, moisture wicking, and quick dry. So go ahead, take that day-long hike — backup panties not required!

    16. A gender-neutral boxer brief with rainbow zebras on them, I repeat, RAINBOW ZEBRAS, that will turn lounging around the house in your skivvies into a luxurious affair.

    17. A multipack of no-show panties to get rid of that dreaded panty line, so you can squat down in yoga pants to your heart's content.

    18. A pair of organic cotton underwear that's got your back (more like backside), and also the Earth's. Knickey aims to impact the environment as little as possible, so you and your booty can both feel secure in your choice.

    19. A basic boy short that will stay put under every pair of pants you own, and won't bunch up or feel like you've got a scratchy chastity device on your crotch.

    20. A high-rise undie made with organic cotton, because your nether regions deserve nothing less than the softest and Earth-friendliest materials out there.

    21. A mesh brief with strappy spider-esque details that won't bunch up under your clothes and will also give you a little more pep in your step knowing you're wearing cute undies underneath.

    22. A pack of cotton panties you'll reach for so often that you might as well stock up now so you'll never run out of your trusty go-tos when you need them most.

    23. A cage-back panty to wear to spice up a boring workday, because as we all know, your underpants are the blueprint for what kind of day you're going to have, and you deserve the best.

    24. An invisible white cotton brief that ain't your grandma's tighty-whities. These briefs, in addition to giving off a blindingly bright, radiant, brand-new undies look, will truly blend into your butt and be seamless under your pants.

    25. A Girlfriend Collective sport thong that, similar to putting your Crocs into sport mode, will make you feel absolutely aerodynamic as you whiz through your daily activities, sporty or not.

    26. A pair of lacy underwear that work great for special occasions, but also double as a comfy everyday pair with some extra zing.

    27. A super-high-waisted brief you'll wish you could wear instead of pants on any given day, they're that comfy. And you can. We certainly won't judge.

    28. A pack of high-waisted cotton underwear that will give new life to the term "granny panty"...namely because you'll realize big undies are the way to go in terms of comfort. You'll never want to take them off!

    29. A Skims thong that will feel like a heavenly piece of woven cloud on your booty, turning you into a thong convert if you weren't one already.

    30. A mesh high-waisted pair to make you feel like a badass superhero when you pull them on to start your day, and a comfy one at that.

    bottom half, model wearing mesh black panties

    31. A cheeky pair you'll cherish as if it were your child, because it'll be replacing a bunch of your old raggedy pairs that didn't nourish your booty like this one does.

    32. An affordable pack of Fruit of the Loom microfiber panties destined to become your ol' reliables — but not the kind that ride up or give you wedgies, or that you'll skip over in favor of a flashier pair. A tried and true classic!