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    21 Places To Buy Underwear That's Actually Comfy

    Stores full of stylish and affordable options that won't get your knickers in a twist. Literally.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best places to buy comfy underwear online. Here are the wedgie-free results:

    1. Aerie has you covered (or uncovered, whatever floats your boat) when it comes to SUPER comfy fabrics and styles that never ride up — and at reasonable prices you can fill your underwear drawer with.

    2. Torrid believes that underwear should be fun, eschewing boring prints for pop culture, lace, and fun messages emblazoned on your butt.

    3. Target, already probably your favorite place to shop, will score extra points in your book for their affordable basics that don't skimp out on the details, including nudes that *actually* match a variety of skin tones.

    4. MaleBasics stocks classic menswear styles that'll make you want to clean out your whole underwear drawer — and unlike what you currently have in there, these *won't* get holes in two washes.

    5. MeUndies provides the softest pairs your tush will ever touch in a huuuuuuge variety of styles, neutral colors, and prints. And you can choose to buy individual pairs or sign up for their subscription box so you never ever ever run out of your faves.

    Two models in undies in the same heart print: one in bikini-style, and one in boxers

    6. Amazon is the place to check for the best prices (and free two-day shipping) on your favorite brands, like Calvin Klein, Hanes, and brands you don't even know about yet!

    7. Or if an Amazon-specific brand is more your thing, their Essentials line is great for stocking up on super-soft basics through their multipacks.

    8. TomboyX makes underwear for everyone, regardless of their size or gender identity. Plus, their fabrics are crazy soft and made from renewable Beechwood fiber, so you can be eco-conscious when buying!

    9. Lively specializes in what they call "leisurée," a blend of lingerie and athleisure that doesn't sacrifice style for practicality and comfort.

    10. Gap Body carries options that are good for you, including ones made from a breathable cotton that won't dig in on the waist and thigh.

    11. Thinx makes absorbent options for anyone with a period; you can use them *instead* of tampons, mentrual cups, or pads or *in addition* to them as backup. Depending on the style, each pair can absorb up to *five* tampons' worth!

    12. Victoria's Secret is a classic for a reason; their no-show, pretty lace, and soft cotton options make a great undie mix. Buy them on sale or in multi-packs for the best bang for your buck!

    13. Bootaybag offers a non-restrictive subscription model for pretty bikinis, hipsters, and thongs so you can preview what you'll get each month, change your style or size, and skip a month if you're not feeling it!

    A flatlay of two pairs of undies: one grey lace bikini, one a green thong with lace sides

    14. Cacique by Lane Bryant is a huge plus for plus-sized folks; take one look at their gorgeous, everyday options and you might not shop anywhere else again.

    15. Ex Officio makes travel-friendly underwear you can wash out in the sink, hang it up, and it'll dry and ready to wear again in as little as TWO HOURS.

    16. Soma has your back(side) when it comes to undies that won't show up under your pants AND not ride up. Truly the best of both worlds, folks.

    17. Duluth Trading Company's undies are, like Mary Poppins would say, "practically perfect in every way." Aka with performance fabrics, invisible seams, and their new "buck naked" mesh fabric, these babies are the perfect practical option for staying comfortable for years to come.

    18. Pact carries sustainable, organic, Free Trade–certified undies that'll feel good AND that you can feel good *about*.

    19. Splendies delivers three pairs of undies to your door every month, just in time to put off doing your laundry oooone more day (or three).

    A flatlay of three pairs of undies, all with lace trim

    20. Fredricks of Hollywood proves that lace and sultry styles do NOT need to be uncomfortable! Praise be.

    21. You might know True & Co for their online bra-fittings (take the quiz to see what size you are!), but they also make underwear that's *equally* forget-you're-wearing-them comfy.

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