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    21 Places To Buy Underwear That's Actually Comfy

    Stores full of stylish and affordable options that won't get your knickers in a twist. Literally.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best places to buy comfy underwear online. Here are the wedgie-free results:

    1. Aerie has you covered (or uncovered, whatever floats your boat) when it comes to SUPER comfy fabrics and styles that never ride up — and at reasonable prices you can fill your underwear drawer with.


    "A BuzzFeed post made me buy them. And now I can't stop. THANKS A LOT, GUYS." —e4d79eb498

    "Not only are they SUPER comfortable, but they have the most unbeatable deals all. of. the. time! I also love the way they present themselves and the message they send; none of their photos are Photoshopped and they feature women of all shapes and colors. They also work closely with the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), which I think is just so unique and wonderful for a brand to do." —t4ddf112a2

    "I cannot emphasize Aerie enough! No matter what style you are into they have the comfiest underwear and awesome quality for how low the prices are!" —bjm1018

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $8.50 each, but they often have amazing deals on bundles so you can stock up on multiple pairs!

    Sizes: Women's sizes XS–XXL

    Styles: Boybriefs, high-waisted undies, thongs, cheekies, bikinis, boyshorts, and more! They also have a Real Natural collection with bras AND undies in a variety of ~actually~ nude shades to match a wide range of skin tones. They also carry adaptive styles, AND they now make period undies that hold up to two tampons' worth.

    Shipping: Free on orders of $50+, and free shipping and returns on any order including a bra or bralette. And you can get free shipping and free returns on swimwear too!

    Why they're cool: They recently launched Aerie x Role Models, a line of clothes (including lounge and swimwear) emblazoned with messages that correspond with a cause. Each piece is inspired by role models like Aly Raisman and Yara Shahidi (and more!) and 100% of sales are donated to nonprofits, including the Innocence Project, Darkness to Light, and the National Eating Disorders Association.

    2. Torrid believes that underwear should be fun, eschewing boring prints for pop culture, lace, and fun messages emblazoned on your butt.,

    "For a ~plus-sized~ girl like me, Torrid's underwear can't be beat. They cover all the bits I want to cover but still feel cute and cheeky. The only downside is the price. Luckily, if you check their website every so often, it's easy to find a good sale so you can stock up like I did without spending a fortune." —elizabethb475f0eb99

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $12.50+ (plus you can bundle and save).

    Sizes: Women's sizes 00–6 (M/L–6X).

    Styles: Cheeky, hipster, thong, boyshort, high waist, and more styles!

    Shipping: Flat rate of $6.

    Why they're cool: They have an entire section of pop culture–themed undies, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC, Disney.

    3. Target, already probably your favorite place to shop, will score extra points in your book for their affordable basics that don't skimp out on the details, including nudes that *actually* match a variety of skin tones.



    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $2.50 each.

    Sizes: Women's sizes XS–4XL and men's sizes S–XXL

    Styles: Menswear styles including boxers, boxer briefs, classic briefs, and bikini briefs and womenswear styles including hipsters, bikinis, boyshorts, thongs, high-waist panties, and more!

    Shipping: Free on eligible items for orders of $35+.

    Why they're cool: In addition to carrying some of your fave brands (like Hanes!), they also have in-house and other brands that combine trends with classic comfort. And you can score 'em while you shop for toothpaste.

    4. MaleBasics stocks classic menswear styles that'll make you want to clean out your whole underwear drawer — and unlike what you currently have in there, these *won't* get holes in two washes.,

    "My husband loves it! I love them cuz he looks great in them and they last forever so I don’t have to sneakily throw out the pairs that are falling apart!" —lauran444e52cdd

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $12.99, or you can get three-packs for $38.

    Sizes: Men's sizes S–XL

    Styles: Briefs, boxer briefs, boxer trunks, jockstraps, and more.

    Shipping: Free on orders of $50+.

    Why they're cool: Their classic undies are made of 100% pima cotton for extra softness, and their sports undies are moisture-wicking so you can stay comfy at the gym!

    5. MeUndies provides the softest pairs your tush will ever touch in a huuuuuuge variety of styles, neutral colors, and prints. And you can choose to buy individual pairs or sign up for their subscription box so you never ever ever run out of your faves.

    Two models in undies in the same heart print: one in bikini-style, and one in boxers

    "They're comfy, snug in all the right places, they don't lose their shape and bonus points for having matching his and hers chonies." —pacheco0408

    "Life changing. They have undies in a variety of styles and prints and the price is reasonable. There is nothing comfier than curling up in bed in these undies. The material is stretchy and the softest thing I have ever worn to this date. (Also you can get matching prints with your significant other!)" —emilyanneh4aefbdaa6

    "The fabric is so soft plus they have a variety of cuts to choose from and new designs every month. I have a subscription and you can change out your cut each month or pick a different design if you don’t like the one they pick for you. Don’t like any of the current designs? Then they let you just skip the month. They also have amazing customer service. One time (in almost two years) they sent me the wrong design on an order and unfortunately had sold out of the design between placing the order and receiving it. After I notified them of what happened, they refunded my entire order (which i got to keep) and gave me credit for a free pair on top of that!" —dawnw4bd46c3d7

    Pricing: Individual women's styles start at $18, individual men's styles start at $24, or you can subscribe to get one pair delivered right to your door every month for $14+. You can also save by becoming a member or buying multi-packs all at once — available in 3-, 6-, 10-, and 20-packs.

    Sizes: Women's sizes XS–4X and men's sizes S–4X.

    Styles: Bikinis, briefs, boyshorts, thongs, no-shows, boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, and more!

    Shipping: Free on all orders.

    Why they're cool: Besides their great no-shows and neutrals, they come out with new collections and prints allllll the time, so your ~drawers~ never have to be boring. They also sell bralettes, onesies, joggers, and more cozy clothes so your whole bod can stay comfy, not just your butt!

    6. Amazon is the place to check for the best prices (and free two-day shipping) on your favorite brands, like Calvin Klein, Hanes, and brands you don't even know about yet!,

    "I got some as my ritualistic ‘break up underwear’ and they are seamless and super comfy. They’re great with jeans, leggings, and dresses, and the fabric is so soft." —stephanieb4a58afa96

    "Calvin Kleins are my life. I can't even feel them on. So breathable and comfy. I also like Hanes cotton briefs for a cheaper alternative." —deytookerjerbs

    Pricing: Top-rated undies start at $4.35 each, or you can save on larger multi-packs!

    Sizes: Women's, men's, and kid's sizes, including straight- and plus-sizes.

    Styles: Bikini, briefs, boxers, thongs, hipsters, retro styles, boxer briefs, and any other style you can think of!

    Shipping: Two-day free shipping on select items for Prime members.

    Why they're cool: Stock up on your faves while you buy that bulk pack of TP you don't want to schlep.

    7. Or if an Amazon-specific brand is more your thing, their Essentials line is great for stocking up on super-soft basics through their multipacks.,

    "They make the cheapest, best cotton undies ever." —kelseyt7

    Pricing: Multi-packs start at $12.

    Sizes: Men's sizes S–XXL and women's sizes XS–XXL.

    Styles: Bikini and high-cut styles as well as boxers, boxer briefs, briefs, and more.

    Shipping: Free for Prime members (plus free returns!)

    Why they're cool: We're talking tag-free options with hundreds and hundreds of glowing reviews. And low Amazon prices!

    8. TomboyX makes underwear for everyone, regardless of their size or gender identity. Plus, their fabrics are crazy soft and made from renewable Beechwood fiber, so you can be eco-conscious when buying!,

    "Their underwear is comfortable and durable (although a little on the pricey side), and they have a whole bunch of fun cuts and patterns. Plus, they make underwear for anyone, regardless of gender/gender expression." —adriklarinet

    Pricing: Full-price pairs start at $18. You can also save money on their multipacks or shop their sale items for 20-50% off!

    Sizes: Unisex sizes 3XS–6X

    Styles: Bikinis, briefs, boyshorts, several lengths of trunks, and boxer briefs. They also carry bras and apparel, too!

    Shipping: Create an account for free shipping.

    Why they're cool: In addition to their awesome philosophy, you can join their loyalty program — for every dollar you spend, review you write, friend you refer to their site, and on your birthday, you earn points you can cash in for discounts on your next purchase!

    9. Lively specializes in what they call "leisurée," a blend of lingerie and athleisure that doesn't sacrifice style for practicality and comfort.,

    "My mom always says 'Oh you mean Blake Lively's underwear company?' But no. It's just called Lively." —marissar4318334ff

    Pricing: Individual pairs are $10 each.

    Sizes: XS–XXXL

    Styles: Bikinis, thongs, and briefs.

    Shipping: Free on orders of $40+.

    Why they're cool: Join their Perks program to earn points and get $1 off for every $10 you spend! If you invite your friends to shop, you get $10 when they make their first purchase.

    10. Gap Body carries options that are good for you, including ones made from a breathable cotton that won't dig in on the waist and thigh.,

    "They’re comfortable and mostly made of cotton. The Breathe underwear has dry-wicking in them and feels great on. Plus you can get the cotton ones on good deals some days, like 10 pairs for $25." —123adrienne

    "Soft cotton, doesn’t shrink, true to size! I buy underwear from other places and always end up hating anything else! I save my Gap underwear for all the important outfits when I need to rely on my underwear to do it’s damn job! And man does it do it well." —emmakatharines

    "The best underwear I’ve ever gotten! I swear by their Breathe bikini model. Their undies are mostly cotton and so soft and comfortable." —halfcanine

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $4.99 each.

    Sizes: Women's and men's sizes XS–XXL

    Styles: Cheeky, bikini, hipster, thong, hi-leg, invisible, high-rise, boxers, boxer-frieds, and more styles!

    Shipping: Free on orders of $50+ (and free returns!).

    Why they're cool: They almost always have some sort of deal going to make stocking up way cheaper! And as commenters said, their Breathe underwear line is mega popular.

    11. Thinx makes absorbent options for anyone with a period; you can use them *instead* of tampons, mentrual cups, or pads or *in addition* to them as backup. Depending on the style, each pair can absorb up to *five* tampons' worth!,

    "When I’m on my period, I just cannot function. Thinx period underwear are the holy grail. They feel like regular underwear, but they never leak, and you can wear them for twelve hours at a time." —broadwaybby

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $24, or you can build a set to last your whole period to save money — buy 3+ pairs to save 10%, 5+ pairs to save 15%, or 7+ pairs to save 20%!

    Sizes: XXS–3XL

    Styles: Available in original or organic cotton and in styles like hiphugger, thong, cheeky, high-waist, boyshort, or sport options,

    Shipping: Get free shipping on your first order.

    Why they're cool: No pads! No tampons! No sneezing and wondering whether you've sprung a leak! Plus, if you don't like them after 60 days, you'll get your money back. And they make apparel, too!

    12. Victoria's Secret is a classic for a reason; their no-show, pretty lace, and soft cotton options make a great undie mix. Buy them on sale or in multi-packs for the best bang for your buck!

    Victoria's Secret

    "I wear them pretty much everyday! If you buy them in packs you can get a good deal." —annaf422312a4b

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $5.

    Sizes: XS–XXL

    Styles: Thongs, cheekies, bikinis, briefs, boyshorts, v-strings, high-waisted styles, and more!

    Shipping: Right now you can get free shipping on orders of $100+!

    Why they're cool: Take a jaunt through their helpful review section for each style so you can make sure you get the right size! There's even a bar for whether each purchaser thinks they run large, small, or true-to-size.

    13. Bootaybag offers a non-restrictive subscription model for pretty bikinis, hipsters, and thongs so you can preview what you'll get each month, change your style or size, and skip a month if you're not feeling it!

    A flatlay of two pairs of undies: one grey lace bikini, one a green thong with lace sides

    "It is one of the highlights of my month. They are so comfortable and so well made. They change the styles every month and you can choose between always thongs, never thongs, or a mix of both, and you can change it every month depending on what the selection looks like. So so so worth the money all of my friends have signed up and they all love them as well!" —caitlinc45c2199d1

    Pricing: Subscriptions are $10/month, but you can add on pairs for $5.

    Sizes: XS–XL

    Styles: You can choose always thongs, never thongs (aka all bikinis!), or a mix of both.

    Shipping: Free on all subscriptions and on orders of $21+.

    Why they're cool: Sign up to earn points on purchases, referrals and more so you can save money! And if you share your undies on social media with the hashtag #undermatters, Bootybag will donate $1 to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

    14. Cacique by Lane Bryant is a huge plus for plus-sized folks; take one look at their gorgeous, everyday options and you might not shop anywhere else again.

    Lane Bryant

    "For my plus-sized people: Cacique makes the cutest and most comfy underwear that actually fits fuller bodies without being absolute granny panties!" —samanthaw44b4f7c82

    "The underwear comes in a variety of styles and sizes. While they can be pricey, the underwear lasts a long time before it starts to wear out. I swear by their underwear. And if you get it during the semi-annual sales, it's an even better deal!!!" —k4810ee064

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $4.99. You can also save when you buy multiples of select styles.

    Sizes: 10/12–26/28 (aka 00X–3X)

    Styles: High-waist, high-leg, boyshort, hipster, bikini, thong, and more styles!

    Shipping: Flat rate of $7.95 or free if you ship to store!

    Why they're cool: They just released an ~extra soft~ version of their underwear in cheeky, hipster, and full brief styles. They're made in a brushed fabric that's so soft, you'll forget you're even wearing them.

    15. Ex Officio makes travel-friendly underwear you can wash out in the sink, hang it up, and it'll dry and ready to wear again in as little as TWO HOURS.,

    "Their Give n Go mesh underwear is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn! I do a little dance every time they come out of the dryer." —lauraf36

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $10.

    Sizes: Men's sizes S–2XL and women's sizes XS–2XL.

    Styles: Boxer briefs, boxers, briefs, bikinis, thongs, hipsters, and more!

    Shipping: Free on orders of $50+.

    Why they're cool: Did you hear?? They dry in 2–4 HOURS!

    16. Soma has your back(side) when it comes to undies that won't show up under your pants AND not ride up. Truly the best of both worlds, folks.,

    "The HOLY GRAIL of comfy panties!! They are all so pretty and delicate, but also ridiculously comfortable. Their prices are also very awesome, especially when you buy during one of their sales. TRUST ME ON THIS GUYS." —leahnorton2399

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $10 each, or you can buy 6 pairs for $39.

    Sizes: XS–3XL

    Styles: Bikinis, briefs, retro styles, shorts, and more!

    Shipping: Shipping costs depend on orders, but they do shipping promotions occasionally, too! You can get free shipping and returns on any order that include a full-price bra.

    Why they're cool: You can bring a new or gently used bra to any Soma boutique and they will donate it to women in a local shelter through their partnership with the National Network to End Domestic Violence. To date through this program, over 1.7 million bras have been donated!

    17. Duluth Trading Company's undies are, like Mary Poppins would say, "practically perfect in every way." Aka with performance fabrics, invisible seams, and their new "buck naked" mesh fabric, these babies are the perfect practical option for staying comfortable for years to come.,

    "I love them. They feel like you’re wearing nothing!" —cassidys4

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $9.99.

    Sizes: Men's sizes S–4XL and women's sizes XS–3X.

    Styles: Boxers, briefs, high-cut styles, and more!

    Shipping: Free on all orders of $50!

    Why they're cool: Duluth Trading Company has a no-bull guarantee, so you can return anything to them for a refund of the original purchase price. Anytime.

    18. Pact carries sustainable, organic, Free Trade–certified undies that'll feel good AND that you can feel good *about*. lace-waist brief?id=wa1-wlb-wht, thong?id=wa1-wth-cha

    "It's super soft and made from fair-trade, organic cotton. It's a little expensive (about $24 for a two-pack) but totally worth it!" —sparklikelights

    "I just bought a bunch of Pact undies, and so far, I'm totally in love. Super comfy." —kirbymayeda

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $14.

    Sizes: Men's sizes S–XXL and women's sizes XS–XXL.

    Styles: Menswear styles including boxers and briefs, and womenswear styles including briefs, hipsters, and thongs.

    Shipping: Free on orders of $59+.

    Why they're cool: If you refer your friends, they get 20% off their first purchase, AND you get $20 off your next order.

    19. Splendies delivers three pairs of undies to your door every month, just in time to put off doing your laundry oooone more day (or three).

    A flatlay of three pairs of undies, all with lace trim

    "You get three pairs in whatever size you pick. You buy yourself a surprise and if you hate 2/3 you still paid less for one pair than you would elsewhere." —bridgetvivian

    Pricing: Subscriptions start at $14 per month, depending on the length of your subscription.

    Sizes: S–4X

    Styles: Choose between *all* thongs, *no* thongs, or a variety of both!

    Shipping: Shipping is free!

    Why they're cool: Many boxes are themed around holidays, and who doesn't like opening packages?!

    20. Fredricks of Hollywood proves that lace and sultry styles do NOT need to be uncomfortable! Praise be.,

    "They carry every variety from thongs to bikinis in every type of fabric you can think of. Plus, they have a huge range of sizes!" —deam432f0d923

    "Their thongs are the best. Last a long time and never go where they should not." —Christi Wimsatt, Facebook

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $5.

    Sizes: XS–4X

    Styles: Briefs, boyshorts, thongs, bikinis, high-waisted styles, and more!

    Shipping: Free on orders of $75.

    Why they're cool: Nothing feels less sexy than a wedgie.

    21. You might know True & Co for their online bra-fittings (take the quiz to see what size you are!), but they also make underwear that's *equally* forget-you're-wearing-them comfy.,

    "Actually obsessed. Maybs own 12 pairs." —Amanda Marie, Facebook

    Pricing: Individual pairs start at $16, or you can buy sets of three to save.

    Sizes: XS–3X

    Styles: Bikini, thong, hipster, ~invisible~, and more styles!

    Shipping: Free on orders of $75+ (and free returns)!

    Why they're cool: If you're as big a fan of True & Co's True Body bras as I am (and I am srsly in love, check out my review of them; it's #6), it might be worth checking out their matching undies too! 🙌

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