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What's The Best Place To Buy Comfy Underwear Online?

Tell us about your favorite wedgie-free stores!

Finding the right underwear is important, you guys.


No one wants scratchy seams, wedgies, or fabric riding up ANYWHERE.


And when you find the right pair that's so heavenly, you forget you're wearing them, WOW that's just a great thing.

So tell us, what are the *best* places to get comfy underwear?

Do you swear by Aerie's supersoft cuts and fabrics?

Have you scored amazing deals on crazy comfy Calvins on Amazon?

Is Torrid your always-on-point stop for options that make you (and your butt) happy?


Does Gap Body know your, well, body better than any other brand?

Tell us all about your favorite stores for buying the COMFIEST underwear and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!