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    15 Of The Best Places To Rent Your Clothes And Give Your Closet A Break

    From streetwear to wedding dresses, these places have everything you need to be commitment-free.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Armoire combines personalized styling with a free-flowing rental service, meaning that you get the best of both worlds with this AAPI woman–owned, sustainable brand.


    How it works: For a monthly fee, you'll choose clothing items from a curated closet that you can either rent or buy at a discounted price. You can choose between a four-item, seven-item, or unlimited capsule (with six clothing items per capsule) plan. With the unlimited plan, you can either swap out the whole capsule or just a few pieces, with unlimited exchanges. You can also add additional items for $15/item.

    What they carry: High-end work wear, black-tie formal wear, jumpsuits, dresses, denim, maternity wear

    Sizing: 0R–24W, or 0–3X

    Price: The four-item plan is $69 for the first month, then $79 after that.

    Other features: Your plan includes a 1:1 consultation with a stylist every month. You can also message a stylist at any time to help with your closet. Armoire is committed to stocking woman-owned and sustainable brands; they also donate 100% of their retired clothes.

    The Tularosa Studded Ruffle-Hem Cropped Pants are free to rent with membership and $118 to buy ($158 value), and the Zac Posen Ruffle-Neck V-Back Shift Dress with Pockets is free to rent with membership ($525 value).

    2. Nuuly, which was started by the parent company of Urban Outfitters, is for the more casual fashion enthusiast who still loves to look high-end.


    How it works: For $88 a month, you can rent six items, with up to two bonus items for $18 each. You can return them whenever you're ready, or buy if you want to keep them.

    What they carry: Clothes from higher-end, but moderately affordable, brands in the same bracket as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People — tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, jeans, maternity, and postpartum wear

    Sizing: 00–18, 00–18 petite, and 16–34W in plus sizes

    Price: $88/month

    Other features: They have a dedicated category for vintage items, upcycled, formerly damaged items, and a pretty sick premium jeans selection.

    The Selfie French Puff Midi Dress retails for $350 and the For Love & Lemons Chamomile Denim Crop Top retails for $148.

    3. Rent the Runway, the original designer rental service, changed the game when it was founded in 2009. Thanks to them, any time you want to look bomb for a wedding or party, you don't need to spend hundreds.

    Rent the Runway

    How it works: For a flat fee, you get to pick your own clothes from a vast designer selection. You can return them whenever you're ready, or buy them at a discounted price. The basic plan offers basic-closet access, with a retail value up to $350; full-closet access includes items that retail up to $3,500.

    What they carry: Designer clothes for every occasion, from black-tie to workwear to casual to activewear, maternity wear

    Sizing: 00–22

    Price: The four-item plan is $69/month, then $89 after that.

    Other features: They offer short-term four- or eight-day rentals, and a clearance section where you can buy super discounted designed items.

    The Color Me Courtney Louise Maxi is $30 for a one-time rental (free with membership; retail value $250), and the Veronica Beard Beacon Blazer is $105 for a one-time rental (free with membership; retail value $695).

    4. Gwynnie Bee carries all sizes but remains an extensive rental closet for people who are sized 10–38 and want stylish basics that actually fit right.

    Gwynnie Bee

    How it works: Choose from six different monthly plans, and receive either one, two, three, five, seven, or ten items that you can either return whenever you want or buy. Their detailed Size Advisor is paired with all brands they carry, so you select the correct size for each item in your closet.

    What they carry: Basic casualwear and workwear, tops, bottoms, dresses, denim, sweaters, outerwear

    Sizing: 0–32

    Price: The one-item plan starts at $49/month, and the ten-item plan is $199.

    Other features: You get unlimited swap-outs with all plans, with 50% off your first month. They also have a members-only outlet shop where you can buy pre-rented styles at a discount to be included in your subscription boxes.

    View the Hutch Coral Trim Navy Stanton Dress here and the Calvin Klein Green Polka-Dot Top here.

    5. Banana Republic Style Passport is constantly adding in new chic clothes from Banana Republic's catalog, so you can leave all your coworkers wondering how the heck you own so many damn clothes.

    Banana Republic Style Passport

    How it works: For $75 a month, you can rent three Banana Republic clothing items at a time (chosen for you from your closet) with unlimited exchanges, or buy them for a discounted price.

    What they carry: Dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, sportswear, workwear

    Sizing: 00–14, as well as petite sizes

    Price: $75/month

    Other features: They also have a Dart feature so you can ship three added items from your closet the next business day for $7 extra.

    View the Standard High-Neck Sweater Tank in heather gray here and the Ramie Balloon-Sleeve Dress in white here.

    6. Haverdash is basically a literal bottomless digital closet you can switch out an unlimited number of times, because who cares about maintaining your actual closet?


    How it works: For $59 a month, you are sent three items at a time (chosen for you from your digital closet) that you can rotate an unlimited amount of times or buy at a discounted price.

    What they carry: Tops, bottoms, dresses, and jumpsuits of a mostly business casual or casual style

    Sizing: XXS–XL

    Price: $59/month

    Other features: If you want to maximize the amount of clothing you get per shipment, their Dart feature allows you to choose and expedite-ship three items from your closet within the next business day for an extra $5.

    View The Stylist LA Astra Midi Skirt here, the mustard seed Ruffle Hem Blue Halter Top here, and the Wildfang Olive Slim Crop Pant here.

    7. Vince Unfold offers four rental clothing items a month from the luxury LA boutique if you want to feel extremely bougie, but not bougie enough to commit.

    Vince Unfold

    How it works: You can rent four Vince clothing items at a time (chosen for you from your closet) with unlimited exchanges, or buy them at a discounted price.

    What they carry: Luxury basic tops, sweaters, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, cashmere tops, workwear

    Sizing: 00–24

    Price: $160/month

    Other features: They also have a separate borrow program where you can borrow both men's and women's items directly from at a fraction of the retail price for a period of time, for no subscription fee. After the period is up, you can return it or extend the rental for a daily fee.

    View the Boiled Cashmere V-Neck Dolman Pullover in Cherry Mohagany here and the Satin Double V-Neck Blouse in Marigold here.

    8. Eloquii Unlimited is a dream rotating closet for plus-sized fashionistas who just can't have enough cute Instagram photos.

    Eloquii Unlimited

    How it works: For $79 a month, you can rent four Eloquii items at a time (chosen for you from your closet) with unlimited exchanges, or buy them at a discounted price.

    What they carry: Plus-sized dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear from Eloquii

    Sizing: 14–28

    Price: $79/month

    Other features: They also have a Dart feature so you can priority mail four added items from your closet for $10 extra.

    View the Tank Maxi Dress in Hint Of Print here and the Crop Wide Leg Sweater Pant in Plaid here.

    9. The Rotation's streetwear catalog includes cutting-edge designers like Aime Leon Dore, Supreme, and Off-White, if you're a certified hypebeast but can't justify paying full price.

    The Rotation

    How it works: For a flat monthly fee, you can rent two, three, or four items that you can return whenever you want, or buy at a potentially discounted price. You can swap any number of items out at any time.

    What they carry: High-end streetwear of all kinds — jackets, T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, bags, and jewelry

    Sizing: S–XL

    Price: The two-piece subscription is $89/month, three pieces are $129/month, and four are $159/month.

    Other features: If you want to keep a piece, they give a 5% discount for each month you've kept it.

    View the Supreme Piping Track Jacket here and the Fubu Corduroy Combo Knit Joggers here.

    10. Mine For Nine is a maternity rental closet for pregnant people because it's just not worth it to buy a whole new wardrobe for 40 weeks (or potentially more).

    Mine For Nine, Mine for Nine

    How it works: You can borrow any number of maternity clothes to rent for a month, two months, or three months, all without a membership fee. Afterward, you can return or buy the piece. Shipping is free for orders over $75, but you will have to pay $12.95 for shipping on all orders below. There is also an optional $5 insurance fee to cover any potential damage.

    What they carry: Basic maternity styles, dresses, tops, bottoms, blazers, outerwear, formal wear, work wear, nursing clothes

    Sizing: XS–XL (the exact dimensions of each size for each item are measured and listed)

    Price: There is no membership fee, so the borrowing price and purchase price for each piece varies based on its condition.

    Other features: In addition to renting the basics, you can borrow ~fancy~ evening wear for short-term rental periods of two weeks. Also, you can order a second size of any rental for a nominal fee.

    Rent the Rib Inset Poplin Maternity Blouse for $23 (or buy for $95), and rent the Leota Perfect Wrap Maxi for $50 (or buy for $175).

    11. Scotch Select from Amsterdam-based design house Scotch and Soda will make all your friends and coworkers jealous of your ever-changing wardrobe.

    Scotch Select

    How it works: You can rent three Scotch and Soda clothing items at a time (chosen for you from your closet) with unlimited box swaps and exchanges. You can return at any time or buy for up to 65% off the retail price.

    What they carry: Men's and women's contemporary clothes — tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses

    Sizing: XS–XL in women's sizes and S–XXL in men's sizes

    Price: $99/month

    Other features: You can choose three pieces on your own and expedite-ship them for an additional $7 through their Dart feature.

    View the Utility Cotton-Blend Jacket in Tie-Dye Sand here and the Jacquard Short-Sleeved Shirt here.

    12. La Belle Bump offers a personalized, super-fashionable rotating closet for pregnant people who don't have the time or energy to worry about buying clothes that won't fit after a trimester.

    La Belle Bump

    How it works: After filling out a style quiz, a stylist will curate a box for you and send you either three or five items for a flat monthly fee. Afterward, you can return whenever you like, buy the item for full retail price, or exchange any number of items any number of times.

    What they carry: Higher-end maternity styles, dresses, tops, jeans, nursing clothes, evening wear

    Sizing: 0–14

    Price: The three-item box is $69/month and the five-item box is $99/month.

    Other features: You can also rent formal dresses for a seven-day period, with included priority shipping so it arrives one or two days before your event.

    Rent the Sequin and Tulle Lilac Dress for $69 (retails for $150). Rent the Philly Sulphur shorts here and the Bridget dress here.

    13. The Black Tux is a one-stop rental shop for all your fanciest suit needs from 100% merino wool tuxedos that are designed in-house to ties to cufflinks to shoes — everything you need to look sharp on your (or even someone else's) big day.

    The Black Tux

    How it works: Rental items are delivered ten days before your event, and you have three days after the event to ship it back. Shipping is free for orders over $95, otherwise, there is a $20 shipping fee.

    What they carry: Tuxedos, shirts, vests, cufflinks, neckwear, shoes, accessories, and complete styled looks

    Sizing: Accommodates most people from 5'4" to 7' tall, and between 145 lbs and 325 lbs in weight

    Price: Most suits are between $125–$145 to rent.

    Other features: They have over 300 physical locations if you want to be fitted or try something on in person. If it doesn't fit, they'll also send a free replacement, and/or reimburse you for up to $15 for tailoring. Plus, for entire wedding parties, grooms can also receive a $200 discount (basically a free rental)!

    Rent Peak Lapel Tuxedo for $125 and the Plum Shawl Tuxedo for $145.

    14. Seasons' avant-garde streetwear rental plans are the affordable, convenient solution to your dream of becoming that cool model you see walking down the street.


    How it works: For a monthly fee, you can rent one, two, three, or six items, with free swaps every 30 days and an additional swap available for $35. You can return the items whenever you want, or buy certain ones at a discounted price.

    What they carry: Luxury menswear, streetwear, accessories, tops, bottoms, outerwear

    Sizing: XS–XXL

    Price: The one-item plan is $69/month, two items are $95/month, three items are $125/month, and six items are $215/month.

    Other features: Seasons is a members-only platform that's largely managed through their mobile app. They also release new items from designers every Friday through the launch calendar on their website.

    Rent the OAS Wavy Terry Shirt here (free with membership; retails for $145) and the Acne Studios Cotton Blend Shorts here (free with membership; retails for $230).

    15. Poshare taps into local boutiques to offer a ton of truly designer options, from luxury wedding dresses to Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags that you can rent for under $100.


    How it works: You can rent your item for 4, 7, or 14 days. If you live near enough to the boutique you can pick it up, otherwise there's usually a shipping fee to deliver it. Then, you return the item on the last day of your rental term (no return shipping fee). If you don't extend your rental by then, there will be a late fee.

    What they carry: Designer formal wear, casual wear, accessories, jewelry, handbags, wedding attire

    Sizing: 00–24

    Price: Varies based on item. No membership fee!

    Other features: You're also able to buy designer pieces through their sale section for vastly discounted prices.

    Rent the Adrianna Papell Ivory Short Sleeve Fully Beaded Wedding Gown for $120 ($420 retail), or the Nightway Black Sequined Lace-Top Gown for $45 ($129 retail), or the Clover Canyon Santorini One Shoulder Top for $35 ($176 retail).

    When you realize you can just rent cute outfits instead of spending fortunes buying them:

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