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    21 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Should Definitely Have On Your Radar

    Because planet-approved fashion is the best kind.

    1. Aday creates chic and versatile apparel sans any chemicals that could harm the environment. They even offer a jacket made from 40 recycled plastic bottles!

    2. Reformation is carbon-neutral, sources electricity from 100% wind-powered suppliers, recycles 75% of their garbage, and makes ~super cute~ and trendy clothes to boot.

    3. Carve Designs takes coconut husks, recycled plastic bottles, and non-GMO organic cotton to create its beach lifestyle apparel and swimwear, then ships it to you in 100% biodegradable, plant-based packaging.

    4. Summersalt carries everything from swimwear to sleepwear while actively following eco-friendly practices, like using recycled post-consumer materials to create and ship their products.

    5. Tentree offers comfy and affordable apparel you might never want to take off (and TBH, no judgment). They also add an Eco-Log to each of their product listings so you know how much water, CO2 emissions, and overall waste you're saving the planet by shopping sustainably.

    6. Cuyana touts a "fewer, better" philosophy by carrying sustainable modern luxury apparel worthy of being part of your wardrobe for years to come.

    7. Toad & Co curated an entire list of restricted substances they won't let anywhere near their apparel. You'll only find organic cotton, hemp, Lenzing Modal, and other eco-friendly fabrics in these über-comfy and versatile pieces!

    8. Girlfriend Collective is super transparent about how they create their activewear and essentials apparel; that way consumers know they're *really* investing in a fair-trade and sustainable company.

    9. Outerknown creates timeless wardrobe pieces made of 90% organic, recycled, or regenerated fibers and they're set to reach their 2030 goal of being 100% circular.

    10. Lee Jeans saved over one billion liters of water in 2019 after launching a water-eliminating process to dye their denim, so you could say they're pretty darn good at this whole sustainability thing.

    11. Jackalo is a family-run business specializing in children's clothing made from organic fabrics. Oh, and if your kids outgrow their Jackalo clothes, you can send them back to be repaired/upcycled and get a discount on future purchases!

    12. Vuori knows being 100% sustainable takes time and effort, which is why they've set a goal to be 80% sustainable by 2022. In the meantime, half of their apparel is made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled nylon fishing nets and is certified organic cotton. Plus, they're 100% carbon-neutral!

    13. Amour Vert is involved in its chic and comfy apparel production from start to finish, which means hand-selecting the mills they partner with, choosing eco-friendly fabrics, and always shipping in recycled packaging.

    14. Monica + Andy offers super-soft children's clothing made from Global Organic Textile Standard–certified cotton, which means there's zero chance of your kids' skin absorbing any nasty chemicals from conventional fabrics.

    15. Patagonia might be well-known for its outdoor apparel, but its devotion to preserving and restoring the environment through its donations and use of recycled materials is also pretty darn noteworthy.

    16. Pact uses organic cotton to cut down on water usage (fun fact: organic cotton uses 91% less water than conventional) to make their fashionable essentials. Plus, they're Fair Trade Certified!

    17. People Tree is a UK-based brand that sells contemporary and versatile attire made from eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, Tencel Lyocell, and responsibly sourced wool.

    18. Wild Dill sells *really* adorable clothing for babies and toddlers created from natural fibers, organic cotton, and other fair-trade materials made in the US.

    19. Christy Dawn grows their own organic regenerative cotton in India to nourish depleted land (over 24 acres, to be exact) and replenish the soil. The result: Their Farm-to-Closet collection and other stylishly eco-conscious pieces.

    20. Prana was the first-ever (!!!) business to sell Fair Trade Certified clothing in North America and has been hitting some pretty impressive eco milestones year after year since being founded in 1992.

    21. DL1961 uses a heat recovery system and generates its own power to produce its premium denim. Who needs chemicals when you've got fancy laser and ozone technology to make awesome jeans?

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