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    29 Eco-Friendly Products That People Actually Swear By

    Have you still not invested in reusable straws?

    1. A pack of 100% natural cellulose Swedish dishcloths to use instead of the notoriously germ-ridden sponge and extremely wasteful paper towel.

    Swedish dishcloth with lemon pattern

    2. A set of durable glass straws if you like turtles more than the Zombie Kid himself.

    Rainbow glass straws

    3. A Patagonia Nano Puff insulated jacket to prepare for the cold weather ahead while ensuring mankind has a future at all (Patagonia is committed to using sustainable materials — and this jacket with recycled fabric and insulation is no exception).

    Model wearing navy Patagonia jacket

    4. A sleek compost bin with an adjustable air vent you can mount on your cabinet door if you prefer to keep it out of sight. (Though, it's far from an eyesore!)

    5. A roomy canvas tote to take along to the grocery store so there's no need to get a plastic bag at checkout.

    6. A 100% plastic-free candle with sustainable coconut wax that'll double as a nice glass after you've burned through it. (Or, you can return your used candles to the company for re-use.)

    Hot Springs wax candle lit

    7. An all-natural shampoo bar to cut out single-use plastic from your hair-washing routine.

    Earth-toned shampoo bars

    8. A planter that's made with a blend of recycled wood and corn-derived bioplastic so your greenery can be...even greener.

    Wavy recycled-wood planters with succulents

    9. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed with FSC-certified wood and recyclable aluminum housing.

    Denim-styled waterproof Bluetooth speaker on top of books

    10. A '70s inspired table lamp that'll be practical for not just your home (it's incredibly easy to assemble and comes with an excellent dimmer) but for the environment, too (it's made of sustainable plant polymers, like corn, sugarcane and sugar beets).

    Green Gio Table Light on pedestal

    11. A set of washable mesh bags to hold your produce while you grab your weekly groceries.

    Produce in clear mesh bags

    12. A variety pack of tasty gum that'll cut out the wasteful plastic — Simply Gum uses wild harvested chicle (tree sap) as its base.

    13. A naturally sourced toothpaste and tube roller from a company that is committed to sustainability and local production to make you finally care about toothpaste. Try resisting this pastel and Helvetica packaging — you can't!

    David's premium natural toothpaste with tube roller

    14. An all-natural stain remover for anyone who cannot be trusted with a white shirt.

    15. A recycled gift wrap set embedded with hundreds of Wildflower seeds — just cover the paper with 1/8" of loose topsoil instead of tossing it in the trash — so the gift recipient will walk away with two gifts. Three, if they consider saving the earth one.

    Recycled gift wrap set

    16. A bamboo cutlery set that'll come with a metal straw and cleaning brush (the whole sustainable fam!).

    Cutlery set including a metal straw in a glass of tea

    17. A pack of 100% compostable poop bags because the world doesn't have to go to shit just because your dog does.

    18. Organic bamboo nursing pads that'll also work wonders as makeup removers.

    Eco nursing pads

    19. Bee's Wrap, for a smart and sustainable way to store your leftovers.

    Bee's Wrap covering bowl

    20. A totally decomposable razor with a bamboo handle to combat the estimated 2 billion razors thrown into landfills every year.

    Shaver in hand

    21. A seven-piece nesting bowl set made from bamboo that'll make baking prep (and storage!) a breeze.

    Seven-piece bamboo nesting bowl set

    22. A pack of long-lasting and biodegradable plant-based sponges without added colors and chemicals.

    Plate being washed in sink with Twist sponge

    23. A waxed canvas lunch box that beats bringing wasteful materials to work every day.

    24. A natural and sulfate-free dish soap with a very delightful green tea and lime fragrance.

    Model washing plate with Puracy natural dish soap on counter

    25. A low-flow showerhead that's designed to help save you up to 30% more energy and water (as long as you don't end up spending twice as much time in the shower enjoying the hot water).

    Low-flow showerhead

    26. A two-pack of Meyer's laundry detergent, which is biodegradable, plant-derived, and not least of all, very lovely to smell.

    Mrs. Meyers Clean Day laundry detergents

    27. A pack of reusable baby diapers that actually aren't totally disgusting!

    Baby wearing reusable diaper

    28. A BuzzFeed Reviews–approved bidet attachment, because it's 2021 and we should have a more technologically advanced way to clean our butts than with scraps of paper.

    Bidet attached to toilet

    29. And a BPA-free bamboo bento box that's both microwave- and dishwasher-friendly.

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