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    34 Natural Beauty Brands You Might Spend Your Entire Paycheck On

    Your skin is *already* thanking you.

    1. Kosas takes the hydrating, soothing, brightening, and plumping benefits of traditional skincare and fuses it with stay-all-day makeup, because why not be an overachiever?

    2. Farmacy swaps parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other chemicals for sustainable and farm-sourced ingredients your skin will love.

    3. Honest Beauty is super, well, honest about the ingredients that go into their products. They abide by a strict "NO List" filled with over 2,500 banned ingredients.

    4. Marine + Vine offers a small selection of clean, eco-conscious body care products you'll want to douse yourself in every day then proceed to ask all your friends to feel how smooth your skin is.

    5. Thrive Causemetics formulates all of its skincare and makeup with natural vegan ingredients, like plant-derived retinol, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin B5.

    6. Live Botanical infuses herbalism and beauty to handcraft small batches of affordable plant-based skincare products.

    7. Bite Beauty ditches unnatural additives for vegan and cruelty-free superfood-derived ingredients. Eyeliner infused with passionflower and an agave nectar lip mask? I'll take 10 of each, thanks.

    8. FarmHouse Fresh lives up to its name by using fresh, organic ingredients off a farm in Texas to make high-quality products that'll naturally nourish your skin.

    9. Ilia Beauty meshes clean makeup and with effective skincare ingredients to create perfectly balanced and sustainable beauty products guaranteed to leave your skin ~glowing~.

    10. Aloisia Beauty is an authentic K-Beauty brand that creates clean, science-backed skincare products free from sulfates, parabens, and other not-so-great ingredients because you and your skin deserve the best.

    11. 100% Pure's skincare and cosmetics are ingenuously pigmented with fruits, vegetables, cocoa, and tea. You won't find any artificial dyes or metals around here!

    12. LilyAna Naturals checks off all the boxes of creating budget-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, *and* effective products while exclusively using natural and organic ingredients.

    13. The Gentle Beauty is a small cosmetic company based in Utah that creates clean and affordable beauty products in small batches.

    14. Tula Skincare's products are brimming with probiotics and superfoods just waiting for your skin to soak it all up and reap the benefits.

    15. BareMinerals dove into the world of clean beauty in 1995 and has been creating ~holy grail~ products (looking at you, Original Loose Mineral Foundation) ever since.

    16. One Love Organics crafts micro-batches of certified natural and organic plant-based skincare products in an ECOCERT licensed manufacturing facility in Georgia.

    17. Tower 28 Beauty is a female-founded Cali-based brand that blacklists animal-derived ingredients, irritants, preservatives, solvents, and pretty much anything that isn't beneficial for you and your skin.

    18. Osea is a family-owned business with its core beliefs rooted in harnessing the power of plants (especially seaweed!) to create high-quality vegan skincare.

    19. Exa Beauty was created by clean beauty retailer Credo – and if you know Credo, you could probably guess that Exa's standards are pretty darn high. Eco-conscious packaging? Check. Cruelty-free products? Check. Yasss-worthy makeup? All the checks.

    20. Indie Lee exclusively uses ethically-sourced natural, naturally-derived, and organic ingredients in its products to make clean beauty more accessible to the public.

    21. Lily Lolo is a mineral cosmetics brand with a zero-tolerance policy for unnecessary fillers. Instead, you can expect simple, clean, and vegan products that'll subtly accentuate your naturally ~gorgeous~ features.

    22. Pai Skincare is a London-based brand that caters to sensitive skin. Its products are formulated with organic and natural ingredients to treat breakouts, redness, dry skin, eczema, and other skin conditions.

    23. RMS Beauty prides itself in its use of living ingredients. AKA raw, organic, wildcrafted, food-grade natural ingredients carefully crafted into good-for-you cosmetics and skincare.

    24. Fleur & Bee knows that *quality* skincare doesn't need to have questionable ingredients thrown in. Exhibit A: Their rose water toner? Only two ingredients: water and rose oil.

    25. Lique Beauty sells affordable lip care products infused with all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients. The women-owned brand also touts an Active Beauty line with even more cosmetic options, like brow gel and primer sticks!

    26. Peak Scents' Power Repair collection is handcrafted by infusing organic herbs using a heat-free method, that way your skin gets to enjoy *every last drop* of responsibly-sourced nutrients that these natural products have to offer.