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    25 6th Anniversary Gifts That Will Earn You Unlimited Significant Other Points

    For your sixth anniversary, go with iron or wood and you'll be good.

    Here are some thoughtful iron-themed gifts to choose from for that sixth anniversary:

    1. A heart-shaped waffle iron so you and your boo can enjoy delicious breakfast treats that remind you every day of your syrupy everlasting love for each other.

    2. An affordable, high-quality golf club for golfers both amateur and pro, so your partner will have you to thank every time they hit a hole in one or make an especially clapworthy shot on the course.

    3. A cookbook from the host of Iron Chef himself and America's favorite culinary sharpshooter, Alton Brown, in case you guys need fresh recipe inspo after six years of cooking together. And as a bonus, you'll be on the receiving end of some creative and über-tasty meals.

    4. A Lodge cast iron wok your foodie partner will marvel at as soon as they see it glistening in their kitchen. It's preseasoned, and a whopping 14 inches in diameter — an excellent investment in lots of tasty meals to come.

    5. An IRON-ic mug (get it???) for your beloved grammar nerd slash mug collector, who will definitely get a good chuckle upon opening their uniquely sardonic gift.

    product image of mug with slogan: "Hyphenated. Non-hyphenated. the irony"

    6. A custom Iron Man bobblehead so you can memorialize your boo as the ~superhero~ you think they are. The bobbleheads can be completely customized, both head and body. Something they will truly marvel at!

    7. A custom-made keychain bottle opener destined to survive your many future boozy nights together with your boo, made even more special by the rustic etching of your choice on the side.

    8. A state-shaped side table with iron legs sure to add some patriotic and perhaps nostalgic flair to your living room and remind you or your partner of your roots.

    two side tables in the shape of California and Texas

    9. A monogrammed steak brand for your meat-loving lover who likes their steak so much they want to let everyone know which cut is theirs (and theirs alone).

    10. A retro industrial side table radiating steampunk vibes if you or your spouse were looking for a statement furniture piece to spruce up your house or just need more darn storage space.

    And now for those wooden sixth-anniversary gifts...

    11. A personalized Rawlings baseball bat your sporty S.O. will think is a total home run of a gift. This bat is functional both as a sturdy piece of sports equipment and to add a vintage touch of Americana to your home.

    12. A custom 3D wooden lake art piece for your favorite coast dweller who loves to be by the water. The map is complete with shorelines, different depth dimensions, local roads, and engraved facts, so they can feel like their favorite place is closer than it really is.

    13. A bamboo back scratcher gift that's the definition of "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours." Now your spouse will never ask you for another back scratch ever again.

    14. An affordable wooden matcha kit that will make your caffeine fiend of a partner smile, since now they can finally call themselves the bougie at-home barista they've always wanted to be.

    15. A Chad Kroeger photo frame, because at this point in your relationship, there's no better gift than a good old inside joke. This memeworthy frame will make them belly laugh from the bottom of their heart. Or, if they're a genuine Nickelback fan (?), this works for that too.

    16. A live sequoia seedling mailed right to your door that you can nurture and tend to together, and have a physical reminder of your relationship the end. Couples that garden together stay together!

    17. A "Gone Hiking" wood-scented candle formulated with such notes as pine, cedarwood, sandalwood, moss, and ivy so your outdoorsy other half can feel right at home. This is an especially thoughtful gift if your partner loves to get out to take hiking trips but wasn't able to this year.

    18. A wireless charger so your S.O. will never bug you for your cable ever again. Each design is one of one, so you'll be receiving a completely unique wood resin product. Then just put your phone on the pad and watch it fill up with juice.

    19. A Himalayan pink salt zen garden if you want to give the gift of much-needed peace for your six-year anniversary. It lights up in the dark, so whenever one of you is feeling stressed you can both rake your salty pink garden and feel it all melt away. Ahhhh........

    20. A traditional Nordic Küksa cup that will make your S.O. feel like they're sipping coffee in a mystical forest surrounded by wildlife instead of their desk. It's so cozy and functional you'll end up stealing it for yourself for your morning cup of joe.

    If you're not a fan of iron or wood, check out these alternative suggestions!

    21. A touch-free candy dispenser to remind you both of your more innocent years as tots and provide a more sanitary and measured way to gobble your favorite candies by the handful.

    22. A wine purifier that filters out all the sulfites in your wine (red or white and everything in between!) that give you nasty hangovers and headaches. It also doubles as a wine aerator, so you and your S.O. can drink yourselves silly with fewer consequences — you've been warned.

    23. A cheese carving of their head that might make your partner cheddar tear (HA HA) when they open it. It'll be a fun game for both of you to see who can resist taking a chunk out of their head first.

    24. A sleep mask that will make your boo thank you for their newfound deep sleep, extra bonus if they're a little spiritual and/or witchy, because this sleep mask is lined with crystals, specifically amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.