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    31 Products That Will Basically Turn Your Kitchen Into A Coffee Shop

    Because your kitchen is cheaper and they'll never get your order wrong.

    1. A bestselling French press for the caffeine connoisseur who would never dream of using a regular drip coffee maker. It's also simple enough for beginners, so you'll become a proud coffee snob in no time.

    2. An electric cold brew maker so you can whip up a batch in just 24-45 minutes instead of the usual 12-24 hours. All my impatient iced coffee drinkers, rejoice!

    reviewer's cold brew maker on their counter

    3. A nifty device that can turn hot coffee into iced coffee in 60 seconds, so you can wave goodbye to melty ice cubes diluting the flavor. It can also be used to quickly chill wine, which may be even more useful.

    4. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription so you can have a freshly-roasted bag of beans delivered right to your door every month. Each month's brew will be from a different country, so it's like a taste of the world without ever leaving your house β€” which is certainly appreciated right now.

    Three bags of coffee beans with various bright patterns

    5. A compact espresso machine that's surprisingly inexpensive and won't take up much counter space. It even has a built-in milk frother so you can whip up a latte without paying latte prices.

    Reviewer photo of homemade latter next to espresso maker

    6. A single-serve brewer able to handle both K-Cups and ground coffee, so you can switch it up whenever you like.

    Model pressing button on the side of single serve coffee maker

    7. A Nespresso maker so you can get your espresso fix without wasting time on measuring the exact amount of grounds or getting your water to the perfect temperature. Simply insert a Nespresso pod and get ready to sip away.

    8. Or get the best of both worlds with this two-in-one brewer by the makers of the beloved Instant Pot. It can handle both K-cups and Nespresso pods, because you should never have to choose between your love of coffee and espresso.

    9. A super fast electric milk frother, because it's really time you stopped paying extra for that small dollop of cold foam on your cold brew.

    Reviewer pouring frothed milk from milk frother into coffee cup

    10. A pack of pour-over Vietnamese coffee lattes that are seriously so easy to use. You just unfold the little bag over your mug, pour some hot water, then top it off with the creamer for a cafe-worthy concoction.

    11. A popular matcha latte mix for the times you want to take a break from coffee and go for something a bit more subtle. It mixes easily in hot and cold liquids, so you can make it the same way your barista does.

    12. A helpful kit that comes with everything you need to get started on your homemade cold brew adventure. You'll get pre-portioned pouches of coffee grounds and a bag for both steeping and dispensing your cold brew.

    Model pouring cold brew from Grady's cold brew bag

    13. A highly-rated and super quiet grinder so you can treat yourself to some truly fresh-ground coffee each and every morning. It's what you deserve.

    Reviewer photo of Krups coffee grinder placed on countertop

    14. A warming plate you can set to your perfect temperature, which is basically a must for anyone who shudders at the mere thought of room temperature coffee.

    Reviewer photo of mug warmer with included mug placed on countertop

    15. A K-Cup organizer so you can spin away while picking out your brew of the day. It holds 35 K-cups and is way more elegant than leaving the original box on your counter.

    16. A variety pack of K-Cups from popular brands like Green Mountain and Tully's so you can switch up what's in your cup throughout the week.

    Coffee cups on table surrounded by various k-cups

    17. A stackable set of mugs that are almost too precious to use. I mean, just look at those matching saucers!

    18. A variety box featuring four bags from Seattle's top small-batch roasters. Each box is roasted to order, so you'll never have to worry about how long those beans have been sitting on the shelf.

    Four bags of coffee from gift box placed on kitchen counter

    19. A bag of "the world's strongest coffee" that has twice the amount of caffeine as the average cup, which is perfect for those busy days when your usual go-to brew simply won't do.

    Model pouring cup of Death Wish coffee into mug

    20. A trusty Yeti to keep your coffee hot and ready to drink even if you forget about it in the middle of an important Zoom meeting.

    Reviewer holding seafoam Yeti mug

    21. A pack of Starbucks syrups so you can add as many pumps of caramel as you like without fear of getting judged by the barista.

    Reviewer photo of four bottles of Starbucks flavored syrups

    22. A pour-over coffee maker so you can brew that sweet, sweet bean juice in an elegant vessel that looks way more expensive than $20.

    Pour-over coffee maker filled with coffee

    23. A cold brew pitcher that's so easy to use and will have you wondering why you didn't switch to homemade coffee a long time ago.

    24. A handheld milk frother so you can try all those delicious-looking latte recipes you've seen on TikTok. For the cost of about three cappuccinos, you can whip up all the frothed milk topping your heart desires.

    25. A trendy Instagram-worthy monogram mug with an elegant tiled design that adds a personal touch to the best part of waking up.

    26. A nitro cold brew maker that dispenses bubbly, frothy caffeinated goodness with the simple pull of the lever. It's just like your go-to nitro brew, except you won't have to pay extra every time.

    Model pouring nitro cold brew from keg

    27. A coffee maker you can control over Wi-Fi and with your Echo Dot, so Alexa will basically become your live-in barista.

    Reviewer photo of coffee maker on kitchen counter next to an Alexa-enabled device

    28. A stove top kettle that replaces the annoying high-pitched screeching sound with a two-note harmonic whistle. It also looks way more chic than a kettle has any right to.

    29. Or an electric gooseneck kettle that can get your water to the exact temperature you prefer and keep it there for 60 minutes.

    30. A cat mixing spoon that hangs out on the side of your mug so you can mix up a ~purrfect~ cup every time.

    Cat-shaped spoon resting on the edge of a clear coffee cup

    31. And a coffee-scented candle β€” in an actual coffee cup! β€” so your kitchen can smell like a trendy, overpriced but oh-so-worth-it cafe all day long.

    Fresh Coffee candle placed on stack of books

    When you switch to homemade coffee and think about all the money you've saved:

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