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13 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Famous Sex Scenes That'll Make Your Sex Life Seem Less Awkward

Hey, at least your mom isn't watching you hump a stranger.

1. Christopher Mintz-Plasse's Mom Watched Him, Superbad

2. Jennifer Lawrence's Accidental Drunkness, Passengers

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Lawrence continued her "relatable girl" streak when she discussed her first ever sex scene with Chris Pratt. Turns out she was so unbelievably nervous, she literally got drunk. "I was like, 'Oh, I'm gonna get hammered for the sex scene,' because it's stressful and scary," Lawrence said. "And then you forget you're at work, so you're gonna be there for eight hours. I was incredibly hungover by the time they got to me."

3. Margot Robbie's Light, The Wolf of Wall Street

4. Ryan Reynolds' Memory Loss, The Change-Up

5. Allison Williams' Ass, Girls

6. Keira Knightley's Bodyguard, A Dangerous Method

7. Jamie Dornan's Wee Bag, Fifty Shades Franchise

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ABC / Via youtube.com

So, it turns out the Fifty Shades franchise was just as awkward for the actors to shoot as it is for the audience to watch. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mr. Grey himself shared that, during the vivid sex scenes, he had to wear a "wee bag" to avoid penetration. However, when he examined the "bag" he was given a little more closely, it had the tag "Inmate #3" printed inside...meaning it was used previously. Um yeah, no thanks.

8. Gucci Mane Literally Falling Asleep, Spring Breakers

9. Jon Hamm Almost Crushing Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids

10. Margot Robbie's Mid-Sex Punch, Legend of Tarzan

11. Jason Momoa's Fuzzy Pink Penis, Game of Thrones

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BBC One / Via youtube.com

Game of Thrones has no shortage of graphic scenes, and not all of them are consensual between the characters. One such sequence proved to be a difficult day on set, which had Emilia Clarke in a dark mindset. To cheer her up, her costar, Momoa, decided to forgo the typical "modesty sock" and, instead, wear a bright pink, super-fluffy sock over his genitals, which successfully had Clarke laughing. "It's huge, and it's pink, and I don't know what to do!"

12. Robert Pattinson's Embarrassing Sweat, Maps to the Stars

13. Henry Cavill's Awkward Boner, The Tudors