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    17 More Underrated Horror Films You've Probably Never Seen, But Need To ASAP

    Don't call yourself a horror fan if you haven't seen these ~deep cuts~.

    A while back we asked ~die-hard~ horror fans in our BuzzFeed Community to name the most "underrated" horror movies of all time, and they DID NOT disappoint. Here are EVEN MORE movies you need to watch ASAP:

    1. Creep (2004)


    "I'm NOT taking about the Craigslist one on Netflix, but the one that is based in London's Underground Subway tunnels. Anyone from England who frequents trains will be terrified of this movie. A woman finds herself locked in an underground train station and is pursued by a terrifying man-creature who is seriously messed up."


    2. The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015)


    "This movie sucked me in! It's one of those films that rewards those who pay attention and it's just so, SO creepy."


    3. Wyvern (2009)

    SyFy Channel

    "It's really intense and graphic. While it has a wonderfully cheesy plot about a dragon-like thing that terrorizes a remote town, I saw it when I was younger and it SERIOUSLY scarred me."


    4. Unfriended (2014)

    Universal Pictures

    "While it gets a little ridiculous towards the end, the fact that it’s all shot from a laptop webcam makes it feel so real."


    5. The Monster (2016)


    "It's a genuinely great horror movie that most people have never even heard of, never mind seen. I love the mother-daughter duo story and appreciate how the monster's origin is never explained. The less we know the scarier it is."


    6. The Cured (2017)

    IFC Films

    "This is a really underrated zombie movie. It asks the question: "What the world would be like if zombies COULD be cured?" Naturally, all the people who were infected are now ostracized from society and treated terribly for what they did while they WERE infected, even though they're back to their old selves. That is, until one of them decides maybe a new zombie apocalypse is what the world deserves."


    7. Cold Prey (2006)

    SF Norge AS

    "This is a fantastic slasher film. What makes it so great is that the characters are actually relatable and likable, which is rare for a slasher. No one makes dumb mistakes like running up the stairs or splitting up to investigate, which makes makes it all the more devastating when they start to get picked off."


    8. Grave Encounters (2011)

    Tribeca Film

    "It's the the only found footage horror movie that actually made me scared while watching it."


    9. The Night Eats the World (2018)


    "The terror of this film is not the zombies that have taken over Paris, but the crippling loneliness that the lead character battles in the apartment building where he is barricaded."


    10. Ghost Ship (2002)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "I know, not a popular choice, but it’s very original! It has a great story line, an even better plot twist, and a truly badass female character."


    11. Last Shift (2014)

    Magnet Releasing

    "This used to be on Netflix, but they JUST took it off. I’m not easily scared, but this movie was absolutely horrifying and made me jump a lot."


    12. Howl (2015)


    "At first I was like, 'How scary can a werewolf movie be?' Then, moment the story starts picking up, it's an adrenaline-packed horror film. Not to mention the werewolves are completely disgusting to look at. It's honestly one of the best horror films I've seen recently."


    13. V/H/S (2012)

    Magnet Releasing

    "The first time I watched this, I was absolutely terrified. It even has a sequel that's pretty good! Whenever I'm with someone who wants to watch something creepy, but not too outright scary, I always go with this."


    14. Suspiria (1977)

    Produzioni Atlas

    "The original should be required viewing before anyone considers themselves a 'horror fan.' It's a phantasmagoric fever dream, both strange and spooky. It truly turns murder into an art form."


    15. Ginger Snaps (2000)

    Motion International

    "It’s a bloody, freaky tale of sisters, puberty, and werewolves. Love it!"


    16. Session 9 (2001)

    Universal Pictures

    "I was not able to sleep the night I watched it. I stayed up for two days, unwilling to close my eyes, afraid I'd hear THAT voice."


    17. High Tension (2003)


    "This movie is probably the best horror movie of all time, and most people haven't even seen it."


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