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Horror Fans, Name The Most Underrated Horror Movie Of All Time

We want ~deep cuts~ only.

Look, every horror fan already knows all about the BASIC horror films you HAVE to see to even consider yourself a ~real horror fan.~

New Line Cinema

We know all about your Friday the 13ths and your Halloweens...but, honestly, there are so many AMAZING movies that are never even thought about when people are listing their favorite horror films.

Compass International Pictures

So, horror movie fans, I beg the question: What is the most UNDERRATED horror film of all time? The one ~deep cut~ that EVERY SINGLE HORROR FAN should see?

TriStar Pictures

Do you think everyone should see the psychological nightmare that is Jacob's Ladder?

TriStar Pictures

Or perhaps something a little newer, like Trick 'R Treat?

Warner Bros. Pictures

Heck, maybe your personal fave is a REALLY deep cut like one of Peter Jackson's earliest films, Braindead (otherwise known as Dead Alive)?

Trimark Pictures

Share the horror film that you consider to be the MOST underrated (and a little bit about why you love it, SELL IT TO PEOPLE, Y'ALL) in the drop box below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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