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Aug 2014
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    ullyf commented on What Seemingly Bad Movie Was Actually Really Good?

    The film Countdown directed by Justin Dec. At first glance this looked like a typical dumb horror film and I am a huge fan of horror films but something about it caught my interest so I decided to go watch it opening weekend! I was super impressed with just how scary this film was!… 

    10 months ago

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    ullyf commented on Horror Fans, Name The Most Underrated Horror Movie Of All Time

    Howl 2015 by Paul Hyett. Honestly at first I was kind of like how scary can a werewolf movie be? Yet the moment the story starts picking up it's a very adrenaline filled scary film. Not to mention the werewolves in this film are completely disgusting to look at and terrifying. The… 

    1 year ago

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    ullyf commented on People Are Trolling Katy Perry For Tweeting About Her Anxiety

    Don’t think she meant any harm by it but lately she has just been putting her foot in her mouth too many times. She should have added something like “this works for me only but explore different areas or techniques” etc etc. Either way she’s been kinda going downhill very fast these… 

    2 years ago

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