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    Updated on Oct 25, 2019. Posted on Oct 24, 2019

    13 Of The Absolute Best Candies You Can Get While Trick-Or-Treating, Ranked By Taste

    No tricks, only treats (and correct rankings).

    Hi, I'm Allie, and I love ranking random things that I'm passionate about, like horror movie jump scares and action movie fight scenes.

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    But, since it's Halloween, I've decided to take a break from the pop culture-related rankings that no one's asked me to do, and take a step into the food-related rankings no one's asked me to do...specifically, the best Halloween candy!

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    The rules here are simple: It has to be a SPECIFIC type of candy that you can get while trick-or-treating on Halloween night. So no, No. 1 is not just "Full-Size Candy Bars" because DUH, Barbara, of course.

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    Also, these are THOROUGHLY my own opinions and I promise it's OK if you don't agree! That just means we'll be able to trade/share our stash of candy on Halloween night! The more the merrier!

    Anyway, trick-or-treat, smell my feet — ew, sorry. Here we go:

    13. Blow Pops:

    Charms/Target / Via

    What It Is: Are you tired of your gum not being difficult enough to get to? Do you want to EARN your gum?! Here's your go-to treat! (I'm being a butthead, these are genuinely delicious lollipops with pretty decent bubble gum inside).

    Why I'd Trade For It: I love a candy that's a ~journey~. This one starts off as a hard candy and ends as a soft candy. I love character growth.

    12. Fun Size Mr. Goodbar:

    Hershey's/Candy Warehouse / Via

    What It Is: Milk chocolate. Then more milk chocolate. Then...sprinkle in some peanuts. That's it. It is straight-up just a Hershey's bar with some peanuts tossed in it. Mr. Goodbar knows who he is and his simplicity is stunning.

    Why I'd Trade For It: Does this...does this candy bar even exist outside of Halloween? Like, do people go to the gas station and buy full-sized versions? If so, that's news to me, because this weird little baby is a Halloween exclusive where I'm from, and thus VERY special.

    11. Weird-Flavored Tootsie Rolls:

    Tootsie/Candy Warehouse / Via

    What It Is: Have you ever chewed upon a chocolate Tootsie Roll and wished they made it in other, even more random flavors? Well, do I have some good news for you!

    Why I'd Trade For It: These always come from a VERY specific house on the block while you're trick-or-treating (it's an old, OLD lady's house, y'all) and I literally don't even know HOW she gets them, but they're really weird and I just like them OK? Let me live.

    10. Fun Size Butterfinger:

    Butterfinger/Instagram / Via

    What It Is: Some flaky peanut butter witchcraft thing coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate. They're delicious and the good news is — if you like how they taste — you'll be tasting them forever because they remain stuck in your teeth for actual years.

    Why I'd Trade For It: So, this may be controversial (I don't know, I'm out of touch with the Butterfinger superfans), but I thoroughly believe that the fun size (not the full-size) Butterfingers are far superior to any other iteration on the candy. There's less mess to get stuck in your teeth with the smaller version and a better chocolate to peanut butter thing ratio. It's SCIENCE, I don't make the rules!

    9. Snack Size Twizzlers:


    What It Is: Strawberry-flavored chewy rope candy. Also, Twizzlers are better than Red Vines, sorry (I'm not really sorry, but okay).

    Why I'd Trade For It: I don't know, I just really like Twizzlers? They're tasty! Also, what's up with this little witchy dude on the bag?! Love them!

    8. Fun Size Sour Patch Kids

    Sour Patch Kids/Target / Via

    What It Is: A sweet gummy candy coated in sour crystals. It's that kid who had a crush on you in elementary school, but showed it by throwing sand at you because they couldn't process their feelings...but in CANDY form!

    Why I'd Trade For It: It's always nice to take a break from the WALL of chocolate you inevitably get with something a little fruity and a little sour. Also, let's be real, they're cute as heck — if you can make peace with the fact that you're eating children like you're Pennywise.

    7. Fun Size Crunch Bar:

    Nestle/Target / Via

    What It Is: The tiniest puffed rice crunchies you ever darn seen swimmin' around in a chocolate bath. YUM. I'll take 86, thank you.

    Why I'd Trade For It: In the exact same vein as Mr. Goodbar, who on Earth is out here buying full-size Crunch bars as their choice candy? Go home, you're drunk. These are a tasty Halloween-specific treat and you can quote me on THAT.

    6. Fun Size Almond Joy:

    Hershey's/Target / Via

    What It Is: They take what I can only describe as the ideal boy band member-versions of almonds, toast them, lay them down gently on a bed of sticky, syrup-drenched coconut, and smother them in milk chocolate. Then I assume Chris Hemsworth kisses each and everyone. They're THAT delicious.

    Why I'd Trade For It: Let's get this out of the way: Mounds are...not good and Almond Joy is superior. Almond Joy literally has the word "joy" right there in the name. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

    5. Fun Size 100 Grand:

    Nestle/Nifty Nut House / Via

    What It Is: How much student loan debt I have, LOL, just kidding, there's nothing fun-sized about that. Anyway, it's a slab of perfectly sweet caramel, topped with a tasty hat made of puffed rice, and smothered in milk chocolate.

    Why I'd Trade For It: These babies are SO DECADENT, they almost feel like you're getting a few candies in one because they're nearly impossible to eat in one bite without choking to death. Or, hey, maybe I'm just weak, I'm sure you'll let me know in the comments!

    4. Fun Size Peanut M&M's:

    Mars Chocolate/Candy Warehouse / Via

    What It Is: Start with a perfectly delightful peanut. Add milk chocolate. Top that off with a colorful candy coating. Eat as many as you can until your stomach says, "Why...why are you doing this? What are you trying to prove? Eat a banana, I beg you." Oh stomach, you're so funny.

    Why I'd Trade For It: M&M's are the ONLY candy that somehow managed to improve upon the original by adding something. Where other candies failed to top their original creation, M&M's only surpassed themselves with the peanut version. Also, these are fun and — when I was little — I liked to pretend they were, like, a pack of vitamins. I was a weird kid, y'all.

    3. Tootsie Caramel Apple Lollipops:

    Tootsie/Candy Warehouse / Via

    What It Is: GENIUS. GENIUS IS WHAT IT IS. A green apple-flavored lollipop covered with teeth-ruining caramel for a classic treat with all of the taste and none of the health benefits of an actual apple.

    Why I'd Trade For It: I cannot tell you how many times I've looked at an actual caramel apple and thought: "Gosh, I wish this had less fruit in it." I have no clue who came up with this, but they deserve a RAISE and, like, a high-five.

    2. Fun Size Snickers:

    Mars Chocolate/Target / Via

    What It Is: Honestly, what ISN'T it? Chocolate, peanuts, caramel, a fluffy nougat that transcends space and time. It has everything.

    Why I'd Trade For It: Not unlike the fun size Butterfingers, the fun size version of Snickers is better than the full size, and that's that on THAT. It's a far better ratio of the ingredients, and the perfect candy to sneak a bite of a little early, while you're still making the rounds on your block, since it's so low maintenance.

    1. Individually-Wrapped, Full Size Reese's Cup:

    Hershey's/Candy Warehouse / Via

    What It Is: Perfection in the form of a chocolate and peanut butter cup. The chocolate version of getting a bigger tax return than you anticipated. The Halloween treat version of waking up and realizing you have three hours left to sleep before your alarm rings. The candy version of Chris Evans.

    Why I'd Trade For It: I love Reese's cups more than I love any living person, and I promise that's not an exaggeration...sorry to everyone in my life. I've literally written whole posts about this before. This is the best anyone can hope for while trick-or-treating (unless you have a peanut allergy, in which case, I'm so sorry).

    Okay, this is my ranking, now let's see yours! What's your favorite Halloween candy to get while trick-or-treating? Share your ranking in the comments below! And, whatever your favorite is, I'll trade you it for a Reese's cup.