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    15 Very Funny Reactions To THAT Photo Of Timothée Chalamet As Willy Wonka

    If you want to view paradise [sheer chaos], simply look around and view it [log into Twitter].

    ICYMI, yesterday, Timothée Chalamet shared his first on-set photo as Willy Wonka in Wonka, the upcoming origin story of the character.

    And as you might have already guessed, the internet sure did have a lot of feelings about the photo — ranging from enthusiastic to angry to *checks notes* thirsty. So, we took to Twitter and Tumblr to round up just a few of the funniest reactions, and we curated them into this easy-to-enjoy list for your viewing pleasure! Ready? Here we go:

    1. This simple truth:

    In this one, Wonka fucks.

    Twitter: @rejectedjokes

    2. This excitement:

    timothée chalamet as willy wonka is my new favorite thing

    Twitter: @starkerwiitch

    3. This familiar wardrobe:

    y’all making the wrong movie cause that is not Willy Wonka 😭

    Twitter: @milkdancy

    4. This reboot pitch:

    They keep making Willy Wonka hotter in a few years he’ll be played by Jason Momoa and he fucks Augustus’ mom.

    Twitter: @OhNoSheTwitnt

    5. This timeline:

    6. This safe bet:

    Calling it now Willy Wonka is gonna replace the onceler as a capitalist suit-wearing tumblr sexyman

    Twitter: @IzzzyzzzArt

    7. This hope:

    8. This ambitious crossover:

    Willy Wonka in the Multiverse of Madness

    Twitter: @filmdaze

    9. This remake cycle:

    Theres only two films willy Wonka and spiderman and they're both remade every 3 months.

    Twitter: @mralistairgreen

    10. This adventure:

    Twitter: @theoneringnet

    11. This fair question:

    how many willy wonka movies must one woman live through in her short finite lifetime

    Twitter: @minkahunter

    12. This TikToker concern:

    that one weird tik toker is screaming and crying rn

    Twitter: @valkyrieqs

    13. choice:

    Twitter: @annabel_meschke

    14. This rightful demand:

    the sexification of willy wonka needs to stop.

    Twitter: @emmalangevin

    15. And finally — this predicted ending:

    They're gonna call him William the whole movie and in the final scene he'll be like "You know what... call me Willy"

    Twitter: @Komaniecki_R

    Well, there ya have it! What do you think of the photo? Are you excited for the prequel? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun places to be!