Chadwick Boseman Surprised "Black Panther" Fans And I'm Fully Crying, TBH

    "My king! My king!"

    So, anyone who has been lucky enough seen Black Panther cannot deny its impact.

    The film has done nothing short of change lives, all while being, you know, an exceptionally great film.

    So when the king of Wakanda himself, Chadwick Boseman, stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week to surprise fans, it was truly an emotional experience:

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    Basically, Jimmy and Chadwick hid behind a curtain while fans were brought in and asked to tell a poster of Chadwick how the film impacted their lives.

    The fans had ZERO idea that Chadwick (oh yeah, and Jimmy) were there, so their genuine praise is truly moving to watch.

    And like... If you're not cryin', you're lyin'.

    I've already watched the video several times in a row, and am fully leaking from various holes in my face.

    This video, while silly, is a reminder that representation in film is unbelievably important. It's so crucial that we all see ourselves as the heroes of our own stories.

    So just do yourself a favor and watch the full video, then have a good end-of-the-week happy cry.