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Here's Our First Look At The Upcoming X-Men Horror Movie, And Holy Shit

"This isn't a hospital... It's a haunted house."

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So today we got our first teaser for the X-Men movie The New Mutants, and it looks like a big helping of "Hey, thanks, but no thanks. I'm terrified now."

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And this first look does a fantastic job of setting the tone for this new experience, filled with eerie music, creepy imagery, and just enough dialogue to intrigue the viewer without giving any plot away.


Fans were quick to share their excitement in reference to how SPOT ON the casting was.

The new Queen of Horror is bringing her Magik to the X-Men universe and I couldn't be more excited @anyataylorjoy…

The New Mutants looks neat. Shit, I'll see it just for @Maisie_Williams

And how pumped they are to see a different spin on the superhero genre.

Love how Fox are experimenting with their X-Men series. Deadpool, Logan, Legion, #NewMutants now... Very cool.

Really love this! A superhero horror movie. #NewMutants