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The New Trailer For The "Jumanji" Reboot Is Self-Aware AF And I'm Not Even Mad At It

"Who plays board games anymore?"

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Look, I get it...when people see a reboot of their childhood fave, their first instinct is to angrily compare it to the original.

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*Sinéad O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2U" plays softly in the distance.*

However, with the Jumanji reimagining, they decided to flip the script on us just enough to let it stand on its own and looks insanely fun.

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In case you missed this first trailer, the basic gist is that a group of High Schoolers in detention find Jumanji in the form of an old school video game while cleaning a backroom, and are transported into the jungle world after they pick their avatars.


And today we got our SECOND official trailer for the reboot, because the movie gods are good.

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