"Stranger Things" Dropped A New Teaser For Season 4, And We Got Our First Look At Creel House

    In a word? "AHHH."

    I'm going to cut right to the chase, y'all: Stranger Things Season 4 finally has a new teaser trailer, and it's spooky as all heck! Seriously, you've got to check it out:

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    The teaser is short but mighty, and it gives fans A LOT to chew on! To begin, we see an unfamiliar family of four in the 1950s moving into a beautiful new home. Everything seems wonderful until...it doesn't.

    Something funky definitely seems to be going on in this house — which is referred to in the teaser title as "Creel House." According to cast descriptions, this means it's likely the home of Victor Creel (played by horror legend Robert Englund), who's described as an "inmate at Pennhurst Mental Hospital" who's admitted for murder.

    The very unsettling scenes all culminate in a quick shot of the family's two children lying lifeless on the floor by the front door with a man (likely Creel) standing over them.

    Then, we flash forward to the mid-'80s, and we're back with our ol' familiar crew, who appear to be breaking into the Creel house.

    Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) awkwardly quotes some classic Sherlock Holmes before the group moves around the house, looking for "clues" about something still unnamed.

    Then, we see a VERY spooky clock that appears to take a little tick-tock trip into the Upside-Down.

    Anyway, you already KNOW fans were super pumped for all of the new footage, with some noting this seems like the "most terrifying" season yet!

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    Plus, goodness knows we've missed all of our faves!

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    And most importantly, we've got our favorite duo of all time back!


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    Still — so many questions! What's going on? Is this where the Byers moved to? Where's Hopper? Why are these children breaking and entering?!

    Well, I guess we're just going to have to wait for more answers until Season 4 of Stranger Things hits Netflix in 2022!