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    23 Tweets About The Next Round Of Stimulus Checks That Are Equal Parts Funny And Ridiculous

    Why yes, I do have double D's — Direct Deposit.

    ICYMI, the third round of stimulus checks (this time for $1,400) have successfully passed, and are on their way to qualifying Americans' bank accounts — and you already KNOW the internet has made some A+ memes about it.

    Joe Biden signs the American Rescue Plan

    So — with this in mind — we took to Twitter to round up some of the very best uses of the "Direct Deposit" stimulus check format, and curated them into this easy-to-enjoy list for your viewing pleasure! Ready? Here we go:

    1. This ultimate demand:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at chick-fil-a on sunday: open it

    Twitter: @prettyboynavi

    2. This roaring request:

    *stimmy hits* Me at PetSmart: Yall got lions?

    Twitter: @darius_julian

    3. This affordable secret:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at Victorias secret: tell me

    Twitter: @disxpix

    4. This family affair:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at auntie annes: bring the uncle too

    Twitter: @meekonline

    5. This crafty meeting:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at Michael’s: where is he

    Twitter: @KIARRAVLSQZ

    6. This verifiable forest:

    Direct deposit: $1400 Me at Dollar Tree: I’ll take 1400 trees

    Twitter: @TommmyBear

    7. This runaway pup:

    Direct deposit: +1400 My cart in the Target check out line:

    Twitter: @GageSmalling

    8. This quick q:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at sonic: Bring Me the Hedgehog

    Twitter: @meekonline

    9. This thrifty purchase:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at goodwill: yes i would like to speak to Will

    Twitter: @tittyclout

    10. This spooky specialty:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at Home Depot: give me the 12ft Halloween skeleton

    Twitter: @YourLocalEmoDad

    11. This literal all-you-can-eat:

    Direct deposit: $1400 Me at Wingstop: bring me all the wings till i say stop

    Twitter: @PanAfricanJedi

    12. This out-of-this-world purchase:

    Direct deposit: +$1400 Me at CarMax : Y’all got Spaceships?

    Twitter: @Iheanaju

    13. This humble ask:

    Twitter: @pollen196

    14. This witchy wonder:

    Direct deposit: $1400 Me at The crystal shop : Bring me Stevie nicks

    Twitter: @HexxxMamiii

    15. This extravagant meal:

    Direct deposit: +$1400 Me at Red lobster: uhh Let me get the whale

    Twitter: @stayfrea_

    16. This cue to play "Send in the Clowns":

    Direct deposit: $1400 Me at McDonald’s: bring me the clown

    Twitter: @yungnastybitch

    17. This saucy command:

    Direct deposit: $1400 Me at Dick’s Sporting Goods: bring me the dick

    Twitter: @noleftairpod

    18. This turn of events:

    direct deposit: $1400 me at Nike: you do it.

    Twitter: @mohunnnid

    19. This make-up lover:

    Direct deposit: $1400 Me at Sephora: bring me Rihanna

    Twitter: @YCPBITCH

    20. This big spender:

    Direct deposit: $1400 Me at the taquero: Just wrap that whole shit in foil

    Twitter: @PUGASounds

    21. This revenge for retrograde:

    direct deposit: $1400 me to my astrologer: bring me mercury

    Twitter: @queerdivinity

    22. This Hollywood high:

    Twitter: @highsteve69

    23. And finally — this sad summation of the American healthcare system:

    Direct deposit: $1400 At the hospital: One bandaid please

    Twitter: @jennycavallero

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