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    The First Trailer For "Space Jam: A New Legacy" Is Here, And Y'all, It Looks Fun As Heck

    The colors! The music! The Don Cheadle!

    Y'all β€” it feels like it's been forever since we learned that LeBron James was slated to star in a sequel/reboot/thingy of the beloved basketball classic Space Jam.

    The Space Jam poster featuring LeBron and Bugs Bunny with the tagline "A New Legacy"
    Warner Bros.

    Well, I come bearing excellent news, friends! The wait is finally over, because we received our first trailer for the film this weekend! And y'all, it looks so freakin' fun! Check it out:

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    Warner Bros. / Via

    The film will follow one Mr. LeBron James, who appears to be in a bit of a tough spot as a dad* at the moment.

    Warner Bros.

    *A staple of '90s films! They're starting early with the nostalgia!!!

    After losing his son on "the wrong floor," he comes face-to-face with Al-G Rhythm, an evil computer algorithm (played by Don FREAKIN' Cheadle), who, of course, challenges him to a basketball game. Because Space Jam.

    Warner Bros.

    However, there is a twist on the original format in that this time β€” when our basketball star first enters Tune World β€” he's turned into a Tune himself!

    Warner Bros.

    So LeBron is forced to put a team together, relying on those gosh-darn Looney Tunes for their knowledge, their insight, and their sick skillz.

    Warner Bros.

    Also, throughout the trailer, we get some positively WACKY cameos, including the Iron Giant:

    Warner Bros.

    And King Kong:

    Warner Bros.

    And Pennywise, I guess??? So scary! No thank you!!!

    Pennywise in a crowd of people behind Don Cheadle
    Warner Bros.

    Listen β€” I know it's clear from the trailer that the movie will be using A LOT of Warner Bros. intellectual properties in the audience shots, but I still think it's pretty hilarious to imagine that Pennywise β€” a bloodthirsty, child-murdering, shape-shifting monster β€” is just, like, a huge basketball fan.

    So be sure to catch this colorful, cameo-filled, pure nostalgia trip when it hits HBO Max and theaters July 16!

    Warner Bros.

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