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Everyone Has A Pokémon Type That Matches Their Personality And We Know Yours

Because you already ARE the very best, like no one ever was.

  1. When confronted with a PHYSICAL challenge, you:

  2. What is your zodiac sign?

  3. If you were a Pokémon trainer IRL, what would be your ultimate goal?

  4. Which "live-action" Pokémon from "Detective Pikachu" are you the most excited to see in action on the big screen?

  5. You heard a rumor that a rare Pokémon can be found in a cave behind your town; however, there's a large NO TRESPASSING sign in front of it. You:

  6. Pick a cute n' comfy top to go out and catch your Pokémon in:

  7. And finally, which of the following words do you feel represents you the BEST overall?

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