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    People Are Sharing Plot Points They'd Change In Movies And There Are Some Hot Takes, Y'all

    "Neo takes the blue pill..."

    Every film lover in the world has endured the experience of watching a movie (heck, maybe even one of your favorites) and there being some random plot point you wish you could change/fix/remove completely.

    Well, this week writer/comedian Sopan Deb asked their followers on Twitter which movie plot point they would change if they had the ability, and people DID NOT disappoint.

    Here are some of the HOTTEST TAKES:

    1. The Godfather: Part II:

    2. Black Panther:

    3. Toy Story:

    4. Revenge of the Nerds:

    5. Thelma and Louise:

    6. The Matrix:

    7. Gone with the Wind:

    8. The Notebook:

    9. Jurassic Park:

    10. Beauty and the Beast:

    11. The Mist:

    12. Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

    13. My Girl:

    14. Requiem for a Dream:

    15. Lost in Translation:

    16. Casablanca:

    17. And finally, It's a Wonderful Life:

    So I pass the question on to my fellow movie lovers: What movie plot point would YOU change if given the chance? Sound off in the comments below!