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    Pixar's "Soul" Has A New Trailer Just In Time To Make Me Ugly-Cry On A Weekday

    Jamie Foxx! Tina Fey! Questioning the meaning of life and all things!

    Well, I'm going to cut right to the chase on this one: Pixar's latest guaranteed sob-fest, Soul, just received its first full-length trailer and, WHEW BUDDY, it's already too much:

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    Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) teaches middle school band by day and aspires to play piano at the city's premiere jazz club, The Half Note, by night.

    But right after Joe receives his big break, an accident sends him to (what appears to be) a bridge occupied by souls who've passed and are waiting to enter "The Great Beyond."

    But, after throwing himself off the bridge, Joe finds himself in "The Great Before" — the place where every living human being gets their soul.

    Desperate to return to the land of the living, Joe joins forces with a hilarious — albeit mischievous — little soul named "22" (Tina Fey).

    But 22 doesn't see much appeal to living, which leads Joe to show them everything that makes life so great.

    It even looks like Joe may go back to important moments in his own existence to use as examples. Cool, I'm already crying.

    The trailer culminates in both souls falling down a beautiful yet terrifying portal, back toward Earth and Joe's body, with another soul commenting that "the soul count is off." O-M-I-N-O-U-S.

    Overall, the movie looks incredible. The animation is stunning, and it appears we may finally have a film whose sadness quotient may rival that of a certain Inside Out scene.

    Pixar's Soul hits theaters June 19, 2020, but every single one of my emotions will be hitting me right after I finish this post. Okay, bye.