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Posted on Dec 14, 2017

People Are Freaking Out Because Disney Bought 21st Century Fox, Which Means "Anastasia" Is A Disney Princess

The Disney Princess we deserve.

Since the film's release in 1997, the iconic animated musical Anastasia has often been confused for a Disney movie.

20th Century Fox

This has been a contentious point for Disney and Anastasia fans alike; however, today changed everything.

20th Century Fox

As you may have heard, it was announed this week that Disney would purchase part of 21st Century Fox for $52 billion dollars. This purchase included 20th Century Fox film and TV studios.

20th Century Fox

Which lead the world to question: Does this finally make Anastasia, a 20th Century Fox property, a Disney movie?

20th Century Fox

And this question, naturally, made fans lose their minds.


Like, seriously, this is a huge deal.

So Disney bought Fox. This means that on this glorious day, finally, Anastasia is officially a Disney princess. 😱😍…

However, others have larger concerns.

Excuse me, I have to scrub every angry rant I’ve ever written about Anastasia not being a Disney princess from the internet. #DisneyFoxDeal

Because, admittedly, it was kind of fun to own people on this.

RIP "Me Being Able to be a Snob and say 'Anastasia isn't a Disney, it's a Fox movie," 1997-2017.

  1. So what do you think, does this make Anastasia a Disney princess?

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So what do you think, does this make Anastasia a Disney princess?
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    Absolutely YES. Welcome to the family, girl!
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    IDK, all I care about is seeing a Disney live action reboot of this.
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    Um no, the original was made while under 20th Century Fox, so she's still not a Disney Princess.
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    I really just want her to be happy.

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