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    29 Jokes About Pennsylvania And Georgia Flipping That You Can Enjoy While Everyone Else Is Flipping Out

    "I'm blue daba dee daba die..." —GA and PA, I guess.

    Good morning, and welcome to day four of "American's Next President: The Musical: The Series!" Things are starting to wind down and, like any good season finale, we've certainly had some twists and turns.

    You see, Georgia AND Pennsylvania (worth 16 and 20 electoral votes, respectively) have both flipped from red to blue this morning and are now favoring Joe Biden for president — and you already KNOW the internet came through quick with the jokes.

    So, with that in mind, here are just a few of the absolute funniest jokes and memes courtesy of Twitter, Tumblr, and TikTok (the three branches of government) about GA and PA's blue flip-a-roo:

    1. This misdirection:

    2. This ~magical~ transformation:

    Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BLUE #Pennsylvannia

    3. This perfect The Office screenshot:

    4. This different kind of wall:

    Pennsylvania just went blue. Biden built a blue wall, and Donald Trump is going to pay for it.

    5. This face/heel turn no one anticipated:

    6. This WAP, WAP, WAP:

    7. This marvelous gender reveal:

    Pennsylvania and Georgia when Nevada took too long:

    8. This "we got it handled" moment:

    9. This accurate dance-off:

    10. This "neat" collection:

    11. This "Beyoncé" equivalent:

    12. This other WWE crossover:

    13. This support system:

    14. This shocker:

    15. This delicate threat(?):

    16. This musical mayhem:

    17. This chant:

    18. This helping hand:


    I can’t leave without my roses

    ♬ Roman Holiday Sped Up - Jacob Martin

    19. This (in)famous song cover:

    20. This sneak attack:

    21. This expert musical timing:

    Chromatica II into 911 but it’s Pennsylvania flipping

    22. This sight to behold:

    23. This neighbor betrayal:

    24. This fancam:

    25. This confused Pennsylvanian:

    26. This A+ Pixar reference:

    27. This universal truth:

    The human body was not made to expend this much energy thinking about Pennsylvania.

    28. This classic Uno play:

    29. And finally — this game of hot potato:

    georgia, nevada, and pennsylvania trying to decide who should put biden over 270

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