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    21 Oprah Reaction Tweets From The Meghan And Harry Interview That Are Almost Too Hilarious

    "Shocked Oprah" is the new "Shocked Pikachu," tbh.

    ICYALUAARAMI*, Oprah had a bombshell interview this week with Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry.

    Harry, Meghan, and Oprah sitting in an outdoor setting for their interview

    And — as with any great internet sensation — several of Oprah's incredible facial expressions have already become hilarious memes.

    So — with this in mind — we took to Twitter to round up some of the very best uses of these "Oprah reaction" memes, and curated them into this easy-to-enjoy list for your viewing pleasure! Ready? Here we go:

    1. This Zoom performance:

    me muted on Zoom, but still doing the most with my expressions to show that I’m listening

    Twitter: @CalumS1991

    2. This rude statement:

    "You have books to read at home, you don't need more."

    Twitter: @shylawhittney

    3. This mime trick:

    Twitter: @shhweeney

    4. This ridiculous arrival:

    when you leave things for tomorrow and tomorrow arrives

    Twitter: @Y2SHAF

    5. This chess pun:

    Twitter: @bryanyang

    6. This annoying job application:

    Being asked to enter my work history after already uploading my resume

    Twitter: @skinny_que

    7. This Titanic spoiler:

    Twitter: @PatchMcScratchy

    8. This new best friend:

    Me interviewing and getting the life story of my new bestie that I met in the smoking area 5 minutes ago

    Twitter: @scottgayham

    9. This...job:

    Me every time my job asks me to do my job

    Twitter: @sipJENandJuice

    10. This unnecessary update:

    Twitter: @limitlessjest

    11. This brunch deal-breaker:

    “We don’t do bottomless Mimosas” Me: Cancel the reservation

    Twitter: @YoungMuli_

    12. This check-out surprise:

    Went to Target for a few items... Cashier: Your total is $258.47 Me:

    Twitter: @TheRonnieW_

    13. This inconsiderate alarm:

    @ReaganGomez *first alarms goes off at 5 am* me:

    Twitter: @MVSTERMVYNE

    14. This shocking revelation:

    Twitter: @slaterscandal

    15. This "absolutely not":

    "Could we jump on a call to discuss..."

    Twitter: @lillydancyger

    16. This very specific joke:

    Twitter: @veryanya

    17. This flare for the dramatic:

    when you just wanna vent but they keep hitting you with sound logic and reasoning instead of letting you just be dramatic

    Twitter: @realpettymayo

    18. This fishy realization:

    me in college learning that my childhood fish didn't actually make it to the ocean after being flushed down the toilet

    Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

    19. This perpetual Monday mood:

    Twitter: @simimoonlight

    20. This A+ visual:

    tourists in Pisa posing for photos

    Twitter: @rorhor

    21. And finally — this "pick a number" game:

    Twitter: @Connichameleon2

    Did you catch Meghan and Harry's interview? Which Oprah reaction are YOU??? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you enjoyed what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun place to be!