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John Oliver Confirmed That Beyoncé Was Photoshopped Into "The Lion King" Cast Photo, And It's Hilarious

Everybody look left, everybody look right, everywhere you look... Beyoncé isn't there.

In case you're new to the planet Earth (or, perhaps, you've just escaped Area 51), everyone here loves Beyoncé...but no one more than comedian John Oliver.

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For instance — when asked what he'd do if he ever met her— he said and I quote, "I would drop to my fucking knees!" followed by full-on Wayne's World level bowing.

So, when the two were cast in The Lion King together, fans were curious to see if they would actually have a chance to meet IRL, and the hype only got MORE intense after this cast picture depicted what APPEARED to be the entire main cast in a single room together, with John and Beyoncé mere FEET away.

Walt Disney Studios

HOWEVER, the photo caused a bit of a stir online — with many people suggesting Beyoncé was photoshopped in — given the distance between her and everyone else in the photo and that, you know, she's one of the busiest human beings in the world.

Walt Disney Studios

Well unfortunately (and hilariously) that theory turned out to be TRUE, a fact John confirmed this week while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

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Lion King talk starts at the 6:30 minute mark, but the whole interview is great, TBH.

After showing a clip for the film — which John was delightfully excited about — Stephen jumped right in with the big question.


And John wasted absolutely NO time outing the truth behind the photo.


He even went so far as to share that pretty much everyone else in the photo WAS there in that room together EXCEPT Queen B.


Still — as it turns out — just the IDEA of ONE DAY being in the same photo as Beyoncé was enough to intimidate John, and it's almost too pure.


In short — despite being in a feature film together — John Oliver has STILL not met Beyoncé and this post is actually a stealth petition to get Beyoncé to appear on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and I will not rest until that happens.


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