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    Helen Mirren Is Starring In A New Horror Movie And It Looks Like The Definition Of "No Thank You"

    "Do you believe in ghosts?"

    So, we're all in agreement that Helen Mirren is perpetual #goals, right?

    I mean, she's an icon who's kicked ass in action films, walked runways in Paris, and called men out on their bullshit since the dawn of time.

    Anyway, this badass is continuing her too-cool-for-you streak in Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built.

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    It's a super-spooky film based on the real-life Winchester Mansion, and it looks SCARY.

    Just a little background: The Winchester Mansion is a very real, very weird, seven-story mansion filled with staircases that go nowhere and rooms that are literally mazes.

    Sarah Winchester, a wealthy widow played here by Mirren, ordered the house to be built and to be "under never-ending construction," with rooms constantly changing.

    It is quickly revealed in the trailer that, while many believe she is simply insane, Winchester has a pretty distinct, ~supernatural~ reason for her actions.

    The trailer is creepy AF and includes the one title card that is sure to make everyone go "UM, YEAH, NO THANKS."

    The only thing scarier than the trailer is the fact that we have to wait until Feb. 2, 2018 to watch the full movie.