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    13 Steps To Get Through Life Like A Badass, As Told Through Helen Mirren Quotes

    "Learn how to say fuck off more often."

    Helen Mirren isn't just acting royalty and a living legend, she's also your go-to person for life advice. Here's some of her best quotes letting you know how to live at your best:

    1. Sometimes being impatient can be a good thing:

    2. Don't fret about how people judge you:

    3. When you're young it's OK to be an idiot:

    4. Self-doubt is good:

    5. On the advice she would give to her 16-year-old self:

    6. And her advice to empower women:

    7. And advice she'd give her daughter if she'd ever had one:

    8. Also, don't lead people on:

    9. And don't always wish you could be confident like other people seem to be:

    10. On approaches to feminism:

    11. Having vulnerabilities and weaknesses is OK:

    12. On getting older:

    13. And on not caring about your looks: