Goose The Cat Getting Ready For The "Captain Marvel" Premiere Is All You Need Today

    Thanos who?!

    So the highly-anticipated film Captain Marvel finally comes out this weekend and, I promise you, I care about nothing besides seeing Goose, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel's cat, in action on the big screen.

    Well, someone at Marvel Studios must have been reading my FREAKIN' diary, because today we received some Goose content EARLIER than anticipated. They released this video of Goose "getting ready" for the Captain Marvel premiere and it is every bit as amazing as it sounds:

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    Marvel Studios / Via



    BRB, literally going to get this photo framed and mounted on my wall:

    Besides the impromtu tie-fitting, Goose was also asked who their favorite Avengers character was. Here's a hint: It's NOT Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, or Black Widow.

    The correct answer was, of course, Captain Marvel — and then Goose LITERALLY SNUGGLED with a picture of her. Fun fact: This moment added 15 years to my life, cured my migraine, AND made my student loan payment for this month.

    All joking aside, how is Goose wearing a tie not the top trending news story today?

    You’re telling me Goose the Cat wore a tie to the Captain Marvel premiere and this is not the top news story for the night?

    Marvel Studios

    Still, fans were quick to take notice and voice their desire for ALL of the Goose content.

    And, as if all that wasn't enough, this sweet bean-toed babe was ALSO spotted at the London premiere of the movie last night, handing out "PAWTOGRAPHS."

    #GooseTheCat handing out pawtographs at #CaptainMarvel screening tonight in London

    So yeah, Goose the cat is all that matters today, tomorrow, and forevermore. They are a star and sure to be the singular defeater of Thanos. Thank you for coming to my lecture, please exit through the comment section.