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    Captain Marvel's Cat, Goose, Is The Only Character In The Marvel Universe That Matters

    *Knocks Infinity Stones off the table onto the floor*

    We're a mere 50 days away from the release of Captain Marvel and the hype is REAL, to say the least.

    Marvel Studios

    And, in celebration of the film's quick approach, we received a brand new set of gorgeous character posters this week. Seriously, just look at these beauties:

    Marvel releases shiny new character posters for #CaptainMarvel to celebrate 50 days til its release 🌟 (via @MarvelStudios)

    But one of the posters knocks all of the others off the table. One of the posters is so purrrfect, so unequivocally cat-tastic...I'm talking about the cat one, y'all. It's a cat on a freakin' Marvel Studios poster:

    Marvel Studios

    I'm trying really hard to think of how to phrase this where I don't overdo it, but I cannot make myself clear enough: I would die for this cat.

    Marvel Studios


    The most important character poster of the year... #CaptainMarvel’s Goose

    We got our first look at Goose on the Captain Marvel teaser poster, where their precious fluffy butt made an appearance:

    Marvel Studios

    And then we received even MORE Goose content at the ~tail~ end of the Captain Marvel trailer, where even Nick Fury couldn't resist those sweet bean toes:

    Marvel Studios

    Though, as comic fans are already well aware, Goose is likely not MERELY a cat, but a Flerken. A Flerken is, basically, an alien that closely resembles an Earth cat, but lays eggs and is even more badass.

    Marcio Takara / Lee Loughridge / Marvel / Via

    Though, in the comics, Captain Marvel's Flerken's name is "Chewie" after Chewbacca.

    How am I going to be expected to focus on an ENTIRE feature-length film knowing full well a cat is going to make an appearance at some point.

    It seems really obvious that Goose will be the SINGULAR defeater of Thanos, and that every other member of the Avengers can go home now.

    Basically, it's decided: Goose needs their own solo film immediately, get Kevin Feige on the phone, stat!

    please sign my petition for this cat to get the next solo marvel movie

    Cool, okay, so that's all. I'm obsessed with this cat/Flerken and I will not settle until the world is aware of their existence. In the meantime, catch me getting this poster fitted for a frame.

    Marvel Studios

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