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    "Raya And The Last Dragon" Finally Has A Full-Length Trailer, And I'm 100% Obsessed

    "I wish to join this fellowship of...butt-kickery!"

    So, back in October, we got our very first sneaky-peeky at Disney's newest animated offering, Raya and the Last Dragon, and that was enough to get me pretty darn hype.

    Walt Disney Studios

    Listen — I love a "girl and her dragon" story!!! It's my genre!!! I am this film's target audience!!! Exclamation points!!!

    Well, today we finally got our first full-length trailer for the film and, Y'ALL, if I was hype before I'm full-on freaking the heck out right now! Seriously, take a second to check out all the awesomeness and watch the trailer:

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    Walt Disney Studios / Via

    Did you watch it? Okay, okay scroll back up and watch it AGAIN! I know you want to!!!

    Walt Disney Studios

    Y'all, all jokes aside, *Stefon from SNL voice* This! Movie! Has! Everything!


    Stunning animation that's on a whole other level? Yes! What else would you expect?!

    Walt Disney Studios

    An incredible lead hero burdened with glorious purpose and voiced by IRL Disney princess Kelly Marie Tran? Um, duh!

    Walt Disney Studios

    A soundtrack that slaps way harder than it has any real right to? Yup! Pump it directly into my veins, please!

    Walt Disney Studios

    A rag-tag team of butt-kickers banding together for a common purpose (in this case, finding a dragon)? YOU BETCHA!

    Walt Disney Studios

    A fluffy blue dragon (who is, very relatably, filled with self-doubt) voiced by comedic genius Awkwafina? I'm embarrassed you even had to ask, OF COURSE it has that!

    Walt Disney Studios

    Con babies? SURE! SURE, IT HAS CON BABIES!!!

    Walt Disney Studios

    I'm not even 100% confident as to what this lil' giant guy even IS*, but I want 12 stuffed animal versions of him NOW!

    Walt Disney Studios

    *I think he's a giant armadillo?! I don't care, send me 12!!!

    So, yeah, if this movie looks even half as awesome to you as it does to me, be sure to catch all the action when it hits Disney+ Premiere Access on March 5!

    Walt Disney Studios

    And, in the meantime, scroll back up and rewatch the trailer AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

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