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    "Child's Play" Came For "Toy Story 4" With Their New Poster And I'm Dead

    "There's a new sheriff in town."

    In case you were unaware, there are two sentient toy-related movies coming out THIS summer on the EXACT. SAME. DAY: June 21, 2019.


    However, the two movies could not be MORE different, one being the fourth installment in a much-beloved Pixar franchise, Toy Story 4...

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    Pixar / Via

    ...and the other being the incredibly violent reboot of the equally beloved killer doll franchise, Child's Play.

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    Orion Pictures / Via

    Well, it appears that today a metaphorical line was drawn in the sand by none other than Chucky himself, when the official Child's Play account tweeted out their newest poster:

    Orion Pictures

    No more Mr. Good Guy, I guess.

    There's a lot to unpack in this very simple poster, but I think I speak for everyone when I say, DAMN, NEW CHUCKY'S NOT HERE TO PLAY AROUND, Y'ALL.

    Orion Pictures

    And the call-out doesn't stop there. Besides straight-up MURDERING Woody, the poster also quite literally takes aim at Toy Story 4's teaser poster design overall.

    Pixar, Orion Pictures

    Naturally, fans of both franchises absolutely lost their damn minds:

    There's DEFINITELY more for Woody to worry about than someone poisoning the waterhole, especially because BOTH the little boy in Child's Play and Woody's original owner ARE NAMED ANDY:

    @ChildsPlayMovie Leave Andy alone....both of them.

    Even the new voice of Chucky, Mark Hamill, stepped in with a perfectly timed pun:

    Woody?..... or wouldn't he? 🔪 @ChildsPlayMovie @OrionPictures

    So uhhh...yeah. There ya have it. Hide your toys until further notice and someone protect my sweet, delicate Forky! HE'S ALREADY SOFT ENOUGH!


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