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    Forky From "Toy Story 4" Is Already The Most Relatable Character In All Of Pop Culture

    I see Forky. I hear Forky. I am Forky.

    So today started off like any other Tuesday. The sun was shining, I got a good night's sleep, I was staying hydrated...then Disney decided to drop a full-length Toy Story 4 trailer out of FREAKIN' NOWHERE with ZERO WARNING:

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    There's a lot of greatness to focus on in the trailer including everything from some old faves to never-before-seen characters to Little Bo Peep going full Mad Max: Fury Road.


    Still, that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to discuss the one stand-out character, the one who is PRONGS above the rest. I, of course, mean Bonnie's newest creation: Forky.


    Who is Forky? Oh, I'm so glad you asked. You see, Forky is — and I cannot stress this enough — an icon.


    Forky (who is technically a spork but, TBH, that's none of my business) was recently created by Bonnie and somehow gained sentience through her imagination.


    This is a FILM FOR CHILDREN.

    Due to his recent awakening, Forky is really GOING THROUGH IT which, as a 27-year-old woman, makes Forky the most relatable character in all of pop culture to me.


    While the other toys appear VERY supportive of Forky, Forky is finding it difficult to adapt to their new life as a toy...being that they aren't one. Forky has imposter syndrome. Forky is relatable on ALL LEVELS.


    Now naturally, I'm only one of Forky's MANY fans all across the globe:

    forky going through his existential crisis throughout the toy story 4 trailer is the biggest mood

    Because Forky is perfect — from their googly eyes to their pipe cleaner hands to their popsicle stick feet:

    (Back in 1999) Fortune Teller- "In twenty years you will cry about a spork named Forky." Me- "Yeah... ok."

    Plus, fans were ALSO quick to point out the parallels between Woody's initial relationship to Buzz Lightyear, and how it seems to be reappearing with Forky:

    1995 Buzz: im a space ranger Woody: YOU ARE A TOY 2019 Forky: im not a toy Woody: YOU ARE A TOY #ToyStory4

    In the end, Forky is the best character ever created. I'd live for this spork, I'd die for this spork, I AM this spork. Goodnight, sweet spork.

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