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    The "Child's Play" Reboot Trailer Is Here And, Holy Heck, It's Creepy

    And it comes out the same day as Toy Story 4, so...

    Even if you're NOT a horror film fanatic, you're probably at least vaguely familiar with Chucky, the iconic evil doll from the classic '80s Child's Play franchise.


    For those not in the know: Chucky is, like, a really mean doll. Like, REALLY mean. Like, he kills people kind of mean. This is because a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray possessed the body of the doll shortly before he died. No I'm not making this up. Yes, that is the plot of the original film.

    Well this week we were ~blessed~ with our very first teaser trailer for the reboot and, WHEW BUDDY, this doll remains a mean little butthead, lemme tell ya:

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    While the teaser is a mere minute and thirteen seconds long, it still manages to show quite a bit, starting with the set-up of a newer, more technically-advanced toy-making company.

    Orion Pictures

    Then we see Aubrey Plaza as the mom who unwittingly purchased a popular new "Buddi" doll for her son's birthday.

    Orion Pictures

    A brand name change from the original film, where the brand was named "Good Guys."

    And y'all, the doll SCANS THIS CHILD'S FACE. What is happening here??? The last thing Chucky needed was access to face recognition software???

    Orion Pictures

    We're then greeted to a whole lot of shots of what I can only describe as MAYHEM. Creepy, doll-related MAYHEM.

    Orion Pictures

    Before this final, terrifying shot of poor Plaza tied to a rising wooden plank. NO. THANK. YOU.

    Orion Pictures

    Anyway, long-time fans of the franchise had a lot of feelings about this first teaser.

    @ChildsPlayMovie The little kid in me who feared Chucky is like

    While others are just excited to see Plaza in a horror movie/ Final Girl type role.

    Aubrey Plaza is in Child's Play we have NO CHOICE but to Stan.

    Also like...this movie comes out on June 21st, the exact same day Toy Story 4 does...AND the son's name is also "Andy," sooo it's gone be a heck of a weekend for toys owned by boys named Andy, y'all.

    TOY STORY 4 and the CHILD’S PLAY reboot open the same day, and that, my friends, is hilarious.

    So yeah, there ya have it! Lock up all your toys and head to theaters June 21, 2019.

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