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    29 "Bridgerton" Jokes That Will Make You Burn For Season Two

    Do y'all think Lady Whistledown also has a meme account, or???

    I — like 63 million other people on this planet — am positively OBSESSED with Netflix's Bridgerton. And you gotta understand...I'm not even a romance bitch! But it's so messy! It's so messy and I'm obsessed-y!

    Anyway, to celebrate today's announcement that Season 2 is on the way, I promenaded around Twitter and Tumblr to find the absolute BEST jokes and memes about the show to compile into this easy-to-enjoy list! Ready? Okay, here we go:

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    1. This summation of events:

    2. This music lover:

    me watching bridgerton and hearing pop songs being played like classical music:

    Twitter: @Maima_XO

    3. This impossible game of "spot the difference":

    4. This Vine mash-up:

    5. This A+ reference:

    6. This cruel (but honest) burn:

    Everyone thinking they’re a Bridgerton when they’re actually a Featherington

    Twitter: @mindykaling

    7. This questionable motive:

    8. This very personal scene:

    9. This wildest (day)dream:

    10. This pure SCANDAL:

    11. This apt depiction:

    nobody : simon and daphne in bridgerton :

    12. This fanfic fave:

    13. This tired staff:

    14. This relatable energy:

    15. This ultimate matchmaking:

    16. This (overly) protective brother:

    17. This...plan(?):

    18. This simple choice:

    19. This Human Disaster:

    20. This fancy phrasing:

    21. This boy band:

    22. This fair question:

    23. This dream come true:

    24. This The Office crossover:

    25. And this OTHER The Office crossover:

    26. This undisputed truth:

    27. This reasonable reaction:

    28. This perfect formula:

    29. And finally — this meme that is, actually, all of us:

    So, there ya have it! Have you watched Bridgerton yet? Are you excited for Season 2? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow your favorite creators on Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun places to be!