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16 Funny Posts About Being Bisexual That You'll Want To Send To Your Bi Friends Immediately

"If all bisexual people are 'just experimenting,' where can we get some research grants?"

1. This awkward reality:

Bisexual culture is liking boys and girls and dating neither.

2. This accurate representation:

3. This excellent question:

4. This discovery:

5. This missing identification:

“You don’t seem bi.” Oh shit sorry forgot my Bi.D. Wanna just watch me parallel park a hybrid while we listen to Lizzo or ??

6. This dating history requirement:

7. This undeniable fact:

bi culture is being permanently indecisive about your haircut

8. This bi-lociraptor screech:

9. This clever disguise:

Trying to act straight at family gatherings like 😂😂😂 #GrowingUpBi

10. This visual representation:

11. This perfect answer:

12. This accurate list:

bi culture is: -saying “im gay” -saying “i fucking love girls” -saying “i fucking love boys” -listening to Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko -listening to Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At The Disco -nose rings -went through an emo phase -“i’m gay”

13. This irritating response:

14. This popular choice:

15. This eternal struggle:

bisexual culture is being in love with the whole cast of a movie

16. And finally, this simple truth:

Jokes on you, I'm bi 24/7 365. #Pride2019

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Charlotte Gomez/ BuzzFeed