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    17 Kind Compliments People Received That, No Matter How Much Time Has Passed, They Never Forgot

    Say! Nice! Things! To! People!

    We recently took a look at a viral Reddit thread where people shared a compliment they were given that stuck with them for years. These wholesome answers sparked even MORE sweet responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few of the best:

    1. "A mom stopped me at a renaissance fair and told me that her daughter thought I was 'a princess,' and asked if she could take a picture with me. The mom was embarrassed and apologetic, but it made my day! I still get happy when I think about it."


    2. "I was sitting in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios with my mom, waiting for my brothers to get off a ride. She turned to me and — out of the blue — said, 'You know, if all of this was real, you'd be the magical one born into our muggle family.' It was, without a doubt, the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."


    3. "One time I was donating blood, so the tech asked me to show them my arms, so they could see which arm they wanted to use. Once I showed them, the tech was like, 'You have beautiful veins!' It seems silly, but it's something I've thought about since then!"


    4. "A customer came in and was peering at my face. She asked if I was wearing makeup. I told her 'no,' and she said, 'Wow, you're naturally beautiful!' That really made me want to cry. It was so sweet!"


    5. "When I was at DragonCon, I got a picture with Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who. He looked at me after and said, 'I love your hair!' It was a buzzcut. I am biologically female, and the cut was one of my ways of working on how to handle being non-binary. It was such a small thing, but it meant the world to me."


    6. "My public speaking teacher told me she 'expected better from me' after I got a 90% on an assignment. It wasn't intended to be a compliment, but it sure made me feel good."


    7. "I emailed my English teacher, telling her I was trans and asking her if she would use my chosen name. She replied to the email by agreeing and added, 'You’re so talented, (chosen name)!' This just happened this year, but her kindness and openness has stuck with me."


    8. "In high school, I had one class with a Chinese exchange student. On my birthday, she gave me a genuine Chinese fan with a card saying that I was 'the nicest person' she had met in America. The card also showed what my name is in Chinese characters. I still treasure it to this day."


    9. "Two years ago, my mother told me that I was HER role model. Growing up as a plus size woman, she never felt she had someone to look up to. She said that seeing her daughter — a plus size woman who had amazing taste in fashion — made her look up to ME. It broke my heart at first, but then I felt honored."


    10. "The best compliment I ever received came from a seven year old who told me and I quote, 'I wish you were MY mom, you’d be a cool mom since you like to talk about Star Wars.' This single compliment continues to make my whole life."


    11. "The last coherent words my dad said as he died were 'I'm so proud of you.' I still try to make him proud every day."


    12. "I was nine months pregnant with my youngest and I was feeling EXTRA LARGE. I went to the grocery store after work to grab my family something for dinner. As I walked into the store this beautiful woman — who I can only describe as looking like a real-life Disney Princess — came right up to me and said, 'You are GLOWING! You look so beautiful!' I immediately teared up."


    13. "During his speech at my wedding, the best man — who is also one of MY best friends — described me as 'the human embodiment of that feeling you get after watching a Disney movie.' As someone who LOVES Disney, this was the highest compliment, and I don’t think anyone will ever top it."


    14. "After a long flight — as my boyfriend and I were departing the plane — a flight attendant stopped us and said, 'I just have to say you two make the most beautiful couple, and I wish that I had someone who looked at me the way you look at each other.' I honestly thought she was stopping us because we had done something wrong, so hearing that made my whole week."


    15. "I was really self-conscious as a teen because I'd never had a boyfriend during high school — which made me believe I must be ugly. One day completely out of the blue, one of the prettiest girls I knew told me that I 'looked like I should be the model for a greek sculpture.' That simple compliment boosted my confidence for YEARS."


    16. "'I couldn't tell this isn't your first language.' As someone who struggled to learn a second language growing up in a monoglot family, this meant the world, especially as I'd just started a job simultaneously translating from my second language into English, and they had no idea I didn't speak my second language properly until I was about 20."


    17. "My 5-year-old son has autism and doesn't communicate very well, but the other day he said, 'You make me feel safe. I love you, Mummy!' I sobbed my eyes out and know that I'll hear that sentence replaying in my head forever."


    So, now it's your turn! What's the absolute BEST compliment you've ever received? It can be genuine, silly, or just plain weird. Share yours in the comments below!