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    "American Horror Story" Season 10 Officially Has A Theme, And It's Promising Double The Scares

    Let's put it this way: Anakin Skywalker would be FURIOUS.

    Whether you love the show or are a huge scaredy-cat, we can all admit that the American Horror Story franchise has some of the most fun marketing for any show ever.

    ©FX / courtesy Everett Collection

    Just LOOK at this scary-ass baby!

    Well this week, the man, the myth, the maker — Ryan Murphy — took to Instagram to tease the new season's title and theme...and also to confuse absolutely everyone:

    The video starts out straightforward enough, immediately revealing the title of the 10th season: "Double Feature."

    Ryan Murphy/Instagram

    Then, it went on to explain that this season will be a first for the show, covering two separate stories! Though — if I know anything about Murphy — they will 110% tie together somehow...

    Ryan Murphy/Instagram

    ...but the only hint we got toward the actual ~theme~ of the season itself was that one of these tales of terror will take place "by the sea" and the other will be set "by the sand."

    Ryan Murphy/Instagram

    Anakin Skywalker is QUAKING.

    Now, this isn't the first ~tease~ we've received for the new season, as he posted a pic of this lovely beach with the caption, "American Horror Story. Clue." back last May:

    Then, we got this marvelous photo of Leslie Grossman and Macaulay Culkin looking very lux on a beach not even two full weeks ago:

    AND THEN, shortly after that, we got this nightmare-inducing image of a couple of creepy BFFs just hangin' out on the street at night, as ya do:

    ANYWAY, of course fans took to Twitter to makes some A+ jokes about the theme:

    The plot for American Horror Story season 10

    And — while this is a joke — I'd still fully watch it:

    american horror story season 10 title, released

    Twitter: @forschafer

    I have a million questions! Who will return as characters? What are the two stories being told? Why does this teaser look exactly like one of the lyric videos for Taylor Swift's Folklore album?!


    I guess we'll just have to wait for American Horror Story Season 10's release later this year to find out!!!

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