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    The "American Horror Story" Season 10 Cast Was Just Revealed, And It's Every "AHS" Fan's Dream

    Is this a dream?!

    The theme of American Horror Story Season 10 may still be a mystery, but at least we now know the cast.

    Series creator Ryan Murphy made the announcement this morning in a cryptic Instagram post featuring an ominously gray beach scene and Orville Peck's 2017 song "Dead of Night."

    In news absolutely no one saw coming, Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin will join the ensemble cast for the first time.

    Sarah Paulson, who's starred in every season except 1984, will make her grand return to the anthology series... will AHS staple Evan Peters, who also skipped Season 9.

    Kathy "Hail Satan" Bates is back from the Apocalypse!

    And Adina Porter!

    Other familiar faces will include Leslie Grossman...

    ...Billie Lourd...

    ...Lily Rabe...

    ...and Finn Wittrock.

    Pose star Angelica Ross, who made her AHS debut just last season, will also return.

    That's literally all we know about AHS Season 10 so far, so in the meantime, tell us your theories about the next season in the comments below!