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    8 Movies Coming To Theaters In January To Start Your New Year Off Right

    Action, romance, and comedy to cure your holiday hangover.

    The holidays are winding down, which means your time is freeing up again.


    So, I took the liberty of rounding up eight movies coming to theaters in January, so you can start your new year off right!

    Marvel Studios

    Because your resolution was 100% about going to the movies more...right?

    Insidious: The Last Key (Jan. 5)

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    Nothing says "Happy New Year" like being terrified out of your mind (amirite???), and the fourth installment of the Insidious franchise certainly brings the creeps. The Last Key follows medium Elise Rainier's excursion to New Mexico and it looks... "Hey, no thanks," but in all the best ways.

    The Commuter (Jan. 12)

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    Liam Neeson has become his own Dr. Seuss riddle, TBH. You cannot stop him on a plane, you cannot stop him on a train. You cannot take his daughter, nor bribe him with $75,000...okay, you get it. Anyway in this one the action icon is tricked into playing a game of life and death aboard a commuter train, and it's sure to be a fun ride.

    Proud Mary (Jan. 12)

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    I feel like all of our lives would profoundly improve if Taraji P. Henson starred in more things. She's an absolute powerhouse actor who is insanely easy to root for, no matter her role. In Proud Mary, she plays an assassin working for a Crime family in Boston. You know what? Just take my money now, K, thanks.

    12 Strong (Jan. 19)

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    Chris. Hemsworth. Need I say more? The tall glass of water in man form is back in action, this time portraying one of 12 real life men dispatched to Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. The film, based on the novel Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton, looks like a moving epic...and also there are heroic horses involved.

    Forever My Girl (Jan. 19)

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    A distinct change of pace from the previous January fare, this one is for the romantic. A brightly-lit love story, Forever My Girl revolves around a country singer who left his bride at the altar, choosing his career and impending fame instead. However, when he returns home after ten years away, he must face the love he left behind.

    Den of Thieves (Jan. 19)

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    Guns plus explosions plus Gerard Butler is basically a recipe for action movie madness. This thriller explores the intertwining relationships of the police force and the criminals they chase. If you're looking for a badass, take-no-prisoners joyride via the theater, this one is for you.

    Maze Runner: The Death Cure (Jan. 26)

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    The final installment in the Maze Runner franchise, The Death Cure sees Thomas leading the escaped Gladers on a mission to the Last City to save their friends. In doing so, they must run their most dangerous maze of all in order to get the answers to their questions. For fans of the franchise, this is sure to be an emotional one.

    Please Stand By (Jan. 26)

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    Easily the most "indie" film of the bunch, Please Stand By follows a young autistic woman (played by none other than Dakota Fanning) who has written a 500-page screenplay for Star Trek. She frantically journeys to Hollywood to enter the epic into a original screenplay competition, and naturally learns a lot about herself along the way. Unfortunately, this one will be in limited release for the time being, but definitely looks like it's worth the extra effort!