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    Every Object Denzel Washington Uses To Hurt People With In "The Equalizer"

    The Oscar winner stars in a heartwarming ode to DIY home improvement and outrageous violence that's now in theaters. SPOILERS...technically.

    Scott Garfield, CTMG/Sony Pictures

    Denzel Washington in The Equalizer.

    1. Gun

    2. Glass tumbler

    3. Knife

    4. Coffee table

    5. Corkscrew

    Scott Garfield, CTMG/Sony
    Scott Garfield, CTMG/Sony

    6. Concrete wall

    7. Fists

    8. Sledgehammer (offscreen)

    9. Book

    10. Diner table

    11. Bare hands


    12. Pipe

    13. Car and garden hose

    14. Bare hands (2)

    15. Fire extinguisher

    16. High-tensile barbed wire

    17. Pole saw

    Scott Garfield, CTMG/Sony

    18. Power drill

    19. Mirror shard

    20. Oxygen tank in microwave

    21. Nail gun

    22. Gun (2, offscreen)

    23. Water and electric wiring

    Rejoice: Hollywood has finally made an R-rated answer to Home Alone.


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