Here’s The First Trailer For Kristen Stewart’s Guantanamo Movie

K. Stew gets gritty in Camp X-Ray.

1. Kristen Stewart’s showing off her serious side in some challenging films this year — and Camp X-Ray’s the heaviest of them all.

IFC Films

2. Back in January, Stewart impressed Sundance with her performance as a new Guantanamo Bay guard who develops a complicated relationship with one of the detainees (Payman Maadi). Here is the first trailer below.

IFC Films

3. Will Stewart make the transition from Bella Swan to awards contender?

Camp X-Ray, IFC Films

There’s no faulting her ambition — the Twilight lead turned reluctant movie star also turned her image on its head playing a celebrity’s personal assistant in the French film Sils Maria, which premiered at Cannes and comes out in December. And she’s even got another major role coming up alongside Julianne Moore in Alzheimer’s drama Still Alice, which will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

4. Camp X-Ray opens in theaters Oct. 17.

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