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    Posted on Jul 28, 2014

    The "Turn Down For What" Video Without The Music Is So Awesome And Insane

    It's like a lost Lars von Trier film.

    The video for DJ Snake & Lil Jon's song Turn Down For What is already totally insane. Take away the music and it's like an eerie, dance-filled horror film — and it's strange and sort of beautiful to watch.

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    It starts with this guy falling into an apartment complex:

    DJ Snake & Lil Jon / Via

    He destroys everything and does some weird stuff.

    DJ Snake & Lil Jon / Via

    He blows this guy's face off just by yelling at him on the phone.

    DJ Snake & Lil Jon / Via

    Then he meets this woman...

    DJ Snake & Lil Jon / Via

    And things just get weirder from there.

    DJ Snake & Lil Jon / Via

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