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    George R.R. Martin Shows Up On "Saturday Night Live" And Admits He's Out Of Ideas

    Naming 1,000 characters is hard work. Bobby Moynihan played the Game Of Thrones author perfectly.

    As Game Of Thrones fans are already well aware, George R.R. Martin — author of the books that inspired the hit HBO show — can't seem to finish the last two novels in the series.

    The author appeared on SNL (played by Bobby Moynihan) to explain what's taking him so long.

    First, he explained that he can't write a book until he picks a title, and he's having some trouble brainstorming ideas.


    "Do you know how hard it is to name 1,000 characters?"


    But he did tell us a little of what to expect...


    And something very shocking is coming.... (winter.)


    The Game Of Thrones season 4 premiere airs tonight on HBO at 9pm ET.

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