Which Insane “Breaking Bad” Death Matches Your Personality?

Two hundred and seventy two characters died during Breaking Bad’s five seasons. Which totally crazy tragic death are you?!

AMC / Via BuzzFeed
    1. Fox
    2. Fox
    3. Fox
    1. NBC
    2. ABC
    3. HBO
    1. FX
    2. Fox
    3. ABC
    1. Getty / Kevin Winter
    1. Roberto Schmidt/AFP-Getty Images
    1. Via io9.com
      Marauder’s Map
    2. The ring
    3. Invisibility cloak
    1. Warner Bros
      “Liquid luck”
    2. Via HBO
      True Blood
    3. Flying broomstick
    1. The wardrobe
    2. Warner Bros
      Hermione’s Time Turner
    3. Lucasfilm
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
    3. AMC
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
    3. AMC
    1. AMC
    2. AMC
    3. AMC

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